Featured Designer & Associate: Britney Elizabeth

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Meet Britney Elizabeth – an artist and entrepreneur whose eye-catching designs center around people, animals and encompass vibrant colors. Britney is a Zazzle Designer and Associate; she owns the Zazzle store Britney Elizabeth and promotes her products on her personal website, as well as  various social media sites.

Tell us a little about you! 

I’m from Downers Grove, IL and have lived here all my life. I have three sisters and ever since we were little girls we have always been really into sports, especially softball. After being involved in athletics for so many years, I saw how putting in dedication and hard work truly pays off. Even though I stopped playing softball when I was 18 years old, I carried this mantra with me ever since. When I decided to start my own online art business back in 2013, I knew it was not going to be easy, but I had an enormous amount of dedication and spent many hours working on it to get me to where I am today.

Britney Elizabeth

What is your background in? 

I have always had a huge love for art ever since I was a little girl and it has never gone away. It all started with my obsession with coloring books that eventually led to me picking up a pencil and drawing my favorite cartoon characters. It wasn’t until my Junior and Senior year at Downers Grove South High School though that I was taught techniques that helped me grow and really thrive as an artist.

Drawing Collage

After high school, I attended Columbia College Chicago where I took several fine art and illustration classes, even though my major was Advertising Art. I discovered so many new and interesting artist’s during my four years there that really inspired me to create the artwork that I am creating today. Much of my work is centered around people and animals, because I have always been drawn to facial features and expressions that make all of us unique. Because all living things are unique and different, I wanted my drawing style to be unique and different, as well. I use a mix of tribal designs and pointillism in most of my artwork and always draw in vibrant colors to add more life to the subject of my piece.

Custom Portraits

I would consider myself an artist turned entrepreneur. In starting my own business from scratch, I had to learn and expand my business knowledge. This knowledge has encompassed every facet of a business from initial concept to building a website, branding, marketing, customer acquisition, budgeting, sales, etc.

How did you get started with Zazzle? How did you hear about us?

Before getting started with Zazzle, I looked into many different websites and did a lot of research to find a platform that would give me the ability to place my artwork on a variety of items in a quick, easy way. Additionally, I was looking for a platform that would handle manufacturing, order processing and fulfillment, and billing to allow me to focus on what I love to do best – creating art. Amongst all the websites out there that allowed me to do all of the above, Zazzle definitely proved to be the best one! I loved the look/layout/flexibility of Zazzle and that customers are given the opportunity to personalize products to make them more meaningful to them. And most importantly, the products are very well-made and Zazzle provides 100% satisfaction, always making sure the customer is happy with the product they purchased.

Product Collage

How do you promote Zazzle products (own website, social media, ect.) and what tools do you use (linking, API, RSS feed, etc.)? How do you choose what products to promote? Which areas do you find the most success in?

I promote Zazzle products through my website, www.britneyelizabeth.com, and my Etsy shop, www.etsy.com/shop/BritneyElizabethArt. I also use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to market my business and get the younger crowd to visit my websites. I send out emails to my customer list and update my social media outlets on new products and regular Zazzle sales. I also attend art fairs to expand my customer reach and promote my products. When it comes to what products to promote, I let my customers dictate what products to promote more. The more sales on an item, the more I focus on promoting that item. Art fairs have been very successful in promoting my products, expanding my brand, and building my customer base. As a result of my growing business, I am extremely proud of getting the opportunity to expand into creating custom work for customers looking for unique, original artwork.


What new Associate Program features would you like to see on Zazzle?

I like many of the features of the Associate Program and hope that they continue to add new features. I especially like how they have added Associate News emails to notify Associates of upcoming deals on Zazzle, which allows us to better prepare for promoting deals to our customers. Seeing that we don’t always know who purchased our products on Zazzle, it would be nice if Zazzle would email our past customers when we add new artwork/products to our store.

What advice would you give to a new Associate starting to promote Zazzle products?

Any Associate starting out on Zazzle, should make sure they have a variety of artwork/products available in their store. Secondly, they should make sure they organize their store in a simple, streamlined manner to make sure customers can easily navigate through different aspects of their store. When promoting Zazzle products, consistency is extremely important, so regularly market your products. Lastly, all customers like to get a deal, so take advantage of the Associate News emails that provide you with a heads up on upcoming product deals and make sure to update customers with this information.

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  1. I tried with little success to learn about the associate program with another company. In fact that is the thing they were more interested in having you do. I was however more interested in promoting my own designs, not other peoples. I do want to learn it however. Still I think I have a product worth looking at. I am currently on facebook and twitter but cant afford to buy an account.

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