Survival of the Fittest: Your Post-Election Kit

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Election Day is November 8th, but many people are already planning as if the world will end no matter which candidate wins. For those of you that are, we’ve compiled a couple of products you’ll need if the political apocalypse you imagine comes to fruition. Here is your post-election survival kit!

USB Drives

Just in case you need to hide transport important emails documents, a flash drive is the easiest way to do it. No muss, no fuss!


The Devil Is In The Emails USB Drive


Messenger Bags

When you decide to move out of the country, pack your stuff and show your new neighbors that you didn’t like either choice in 2016!



Who Cares Messenger Bag



Take a pull off this flask and remember those months you thought Bern, Baby, Bern!


Bern Baby Bern Flask


Passport Holders

When you want to escape more than the country, this is the passport holder for you!


I Don’t Speak Politics Passport Holder



When you want to dance stump for your favorite 3rd party candidate!



Vote For Pedro Hat









Pillows and Blankets

The (political) world may come to an end, but you can stay comfortable with a pillow and blanket for those cold nights!


Political Greed Pillow



Just Another Circus Blanket


What would you include in your post-election survival kit? Let us know in the comments section below!


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