Lucky Number Seven

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Who else is excited about the next iPhone? iPhone 7 or iPhone Pro, Apple sure has a way to keep us on the edge of our chairs and we are excited! In anticipation of the latest release, we’re making some predictions of what will be the biggest trends in cases this fall.


7 trends we are predicting for the iPhone 7:

  1. Custom Phone Cases. Technology isn’t just an accessory; it’s a way of life. Don’t just customize your case, literally design your own cover. If you’re going to have your phone case with you at all times, you might as well make it something you love! Designing your own phone case has never been easier with Zazzle’s easy to use design tool. Having a unique phone case will also make it easier to spot your phone. Interesting to note, we’ve found that iPhone users have a higher rate of customizing their phones than Android users!
  1. Cuteness Overload! Who else likes cute things? Puppies, kittens, and all cute things have a way of making us all smile. Put a favorite cute picture on your cover as a constant reminder to keep smiling!
  1. Brands That Wow! Disney, Marvel and all the super heroes superheroes are available right here on Zazzle! Are you into Superman, Batman, or Captain America? We’ve got them all! Not only are they available here, but they are also customizable so you can add a bit of your own flair and make your mark.
  1. Trendy. Trendy phone cases may mean many things to many people, but with over a million designs (yes, you read that right), Zazzle has the best variety of phone covers to fit your style!
  1. Quotes! Be if funny or inspirational, a quote a day keeps the doctor away! Okay, jokes aside, it will be a constant reminder of what’s most important to you. Choose from thousands of quote phone cases in our marketplace, or easily create your own from scratch!
  1. Mix It Up. We love the tried and true hard shell plastic, but isn’t it time to be adventurous and try a case with a different texture. At Zazzle, we will be offering glossy, matte, and clear plastic, tough and extreme protection, and even wood! Metallics are always fun to switch up, and wallet cases streamline your pockets/purses. Look no further, Zazzle will offer the best variety in custom iPhone phone cases.
  1. Protection. Safety first! There is a trend for some to forgo the case because cases can be large and bulky. But come the first crack, they all come running back to cases! Get a case that offers serious protection while also being slim enough for day-to-day transportation.


If you’re going to be getting a new phone, make sure to invest a little to protect it! Make sure you check out the best selection of custom phone cases on Zazzle. We offer edge-to-edge printing and the best variety of custom cases anywhere on the web. Every case on Zazzle is fully customizable. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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  1. I am excited because recently the gift of a phone was offered implying to be careful to carry the phone ie in tissue in my purse.
    However, after moving to China I cannot login to my account either with facebook or gmail.
    Can the Help desk help me change my email address for my shop?

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