Zazzle Chat: Get Ready for the Holidays!

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It’s already September, and the holidays are upon us! Check out our newest Zazzle chat with Monica and Julie for some tips and trends that will help you design your best this holiday season. Don’t forget to put your newest designs using the ‘Collections‘ feature!


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One thought on “Zazzle Chat: Get Ready for the Holidays!”

  1. I am always interested in how to market (on a shoestring), and get my work out there. I like the idea of a Collection for new things added. I will add that. Any other ideas much appreciated. I have finished now 3 calendars, and saw somewhere where if you have 2017 in tags, and lower royalty below 15% that our calendars would be promoted. . . I have done that . . . is there anything else needed to be done. And will we know our calendars are being promoted??

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