Celebrate International Bacon Day!

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It’s time to thank all our piggy brothers and sisters for the greatest contribution to the Planet Earth: BACON! To help you celebrate International Bacon Day, here are 10 great designs you’ll want to wear to show your love of pork.

  1. Raise the new Jolly Roger:


Eggs and Bacon Skull T-shirt


  1. The perfect formula for goodness:


Periodic Table of Deliciousness Poster


  1. Put down the chocolate and pick up the bacon:


Candy Bar of Meets Bumper Sticker


  1. Bacon, eggs, and a side of puns for breakfast:


Don’t Go Bacon My Heart Button


  1. When you really don’t want to hit the gym:


Stream of Consciousness Postcard


  1. Because voting matters:


Bacon and Eggs 2016 T-shirt

  1. When times are tough, always remember this mantra:


…As Long As There Is Bacon Keychain


  1. Bacon has the power to unite us all:


United States of Bacon Hat


  1. Won’t someone please think of the children:


Future Bacon Lover Baby Bodysuit


  1. To infinity…and ping pong:



Infinity Bacon Ping Pong Paddle




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