Tips and Tricks: Designing on Leggings

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With fall around the corner, our latest offering is sure to keep you warm and fashionable all the way through the winter. We are ecstatic to present the latest addition to Zazzle’s collection of stylish apparel: All-Over-Print Leggings. Let’s get you designing right away!

The Basics

Zazzle Leggings are Print, Cut and Sew

Designs are first printed on fabric, which is then cut into the right shape and sewn together. This means that the printable area is larger and you can get more creative with your designs. Yay! But what it also means is that the seams on the front and back may not line up perfectly, so be careful with designing those areas.

Made to last   

These leggings are made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. They retain their shape after repeated use and are made to be both, comfortable and durable. They are available in 5 sizes, from extra-small to extra-large. You can work with any size and our design tool will adjust your design automatically to make sure that it looks great on the size picked by the customer.

Designing for Leggings

Image size and tiling

Images that are 300 dpi (dots per inch) or greater are best suited for this product. Smaller images can be tiled all over the fabric, but may not line up perfectly at the front and back seams.

Filling in the Bleed Area

Because the leggings are cut and sewn after printing, make sure your design accounts for bleed and fills the bleed area all the way through. If not, the end product may have unprinted white fabric on the outside. You can check this in the Art View and ensure that your design extends beyond the red dotted lines.

The Art View

The Art View represents the leggings, if the back seam were cut open and the fabric was to be laid on a flat surface. The Art View is an abstract representation that will help you align designs and text in specific areas. The front seam is not shown in this view but be mindful of it as you design.

Leggings Art View

Wrap around

Images placed between the two Vertical lines (titled “Left Side” and “Right Side”) will be printed on the front of the leggings. The two vertical lines will form the sides.

Images placed beyond the vertical lines will be wrapped around and will form the back of the leggings. When placing images or text on the back and front of the leggings make sure that you leave enough room for fabric that will be turned into the seam.

Check the real views

The Art View is used to guide the design process. The Real Views represent the end product most accurately. Be sure you inspect all the real views closely.

Check out our video tutorial and get started on leggings here. Happy designing!

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