Designing With Heart: Featuring Kristen Juckiewicz of Redwood & Vine

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Today’s blog comes to us from Redwood & Vine designer Kristen Juckiewicz! Kristen is a Brooklyn native now living in California’s beautiful Napa Valley.  Her store Redwood & Vine brings together her love of paper design, entertaining, food and wine, and pop culture! As a mom herself, she feels a deep connection to the Kenyan moms halfway around the globe who are working to support their families. 

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Combining art, technology, and global commerce while changing lives in meaningful ways. Ambitious, right? But The Adventure Collection absolutely nails it. This unique set of products unleashes creativity across the globe — from the plains of Africa to Zazzle’s headquarters in Silicon Valley and my home studio in Northern California wine country, straight into customers’ homes where they can customize and add their own finishing touches.

As a professional woman and a working mother, the mission that’s at the heart of the Adventure Collection — empowering women through sustainable employment — is something that’s easy to feel passionate about.

The opportunity to build a business as a Zazzle designer has changed life for my 
family, providing flexibility, a new income stream and a creative outlet that brings me a serious amount of joy. Now, through this unique and innovative venture, this phenomenal group of Maasai women are able to create meaningful change in their own lives, families, and communities.


As a Zazzle designer, adding my designs to the Adventure Collection puts the finishing touch on their already beautiful craftsmanship. I’m such a fan of the thoughtful details like pockets, hand-sewn stitching, and signature beadwork. What we add, both as designers and customers, only enhances the natural beauty of the materials and the hand-crafted quality that’s already there. Each item in the collection is something I’d be proud to carry, gift, or showcase in my Zazzle store.

The laser etching process for decorating and customizing the Adventure Collection results in such a unique look — something we’ve never before seen on Zazzle — and lends itself to many different design types. Monograms and typography designs with words and phrases really stand out on the leather products. Geometric and nature-inspired patterns take on a striking tone-on-tone quality when applied to both the leather and canvas items.

I love pairing just the right design with each of these products to create something customers can not only fall in love with and make their own, but feel good about purchasing. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be part of something so impactful and far-reaching, and I hope customers feel that sense of connection every time they choose an Adventure Collection product.

 Adventure Collection by Redwood & Vine
Adventure Collection by Redwood & Vine

by Kristen Juckiewicz

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