Let’s Talk About National Taco Day

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For taco lovers, today is not merely Tuesday. It is Taco Tuesday. But this is no ordinary Taco Tuesday. Today, we commemorate the king of all Taco Tuesdays; the ultimate ode to one of the culinary world’s most perfect masterpieces: National Taco Day.

It’s a day that exists because, as we all know, the taco is, perhaps, the most perfect food ever invented. A savory tortilla filled with all the things you like and nothing you don’t. Chicken or steak. Chicken and steak. Fish. Beans. Rice. Veggies. No fork, spoon or knife required. It’s a handheld meal fit for carnivores, omnivores, vegans and picky toddlers. It pairs perfectly with beer, wine and virtually any type of cocktail.

But our society’s love affair with this international treasure goes far beyond taste. Tacos aren’t just an explosion of flavor designed to quench our appetite for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and bad puns.

I Don't Wanna Taco Bout It T-shirtSomething To Taco Bout Mug

The most die-hard taco lovers know that tacos are filled with much more than your favorite flavors. They’re actually filled with the answer to life’s most profound questions. Questions like …

What’s for dinner?

Gin and Tacos T-shirt

What is that smell?

Never Trust A Taco Fart T-shirt

What’s the meaning of life?

Dogs, Tacos, Coffee T-shirt

What is heaven like?

Taco trucks on every corner hat

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Taco in training baby bibProfessional taco taster hat

How will I know he loves me?

Feed me tacos tripod lampI love tacos card

How do I make the most of this life?

Taco tuesday mug

Who should I vote for?

Taco lovers for Hillary bumper stickerBuild the wall button

What if I only had one day to live?

Keep calm and eat a taco t-shirtTacos and tequila T-shirt

So tonight as you pile your taco high with sour cream, cabbage slaw, pico de gallo or avocado salsa, we invite you ruminate on life’s most complicated issues. And if you ever find yourself at a crossroads, struggling to find the right answer, just reach for a taco.

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