6 Ways to be Kind on Do Something Nice Day

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This should be an everyday occurrence, but sometimes it is nice to have a day dedicated to honoring someone or something. In this case, Do Something Nice Day honors acts of kindness both big and small. Here are 6 ways you can pay the kindness forward on this amazing day!

1. Buy a Homeless Person a Meal

Feed the homeless poster

Feed the Homeless Poster

Some people are very skittish about just handing money to a homeless person they see on the street. Instead of doing that, why not purchase them a nice, warm meal? It’s a great way to show a little kindness, and you know that your act is going toward a good cause.

2. Purchase a Coffee for the Person Behind you in Line

Coffee time magnet

Coffee Time Magnet

Connecting with strangers can be difficult. How do you start a conversation with someone you don’t know? How do you find common ground with someone who may not want to speak to you and interrupt their vigorous game of Pokémon Go? One way to make a quick connection is to purchase the coffee for the person behind you in line. What better way to say, “Have a pleasant day” then by providing a caffeinated beverage for someone. As a bonus, overpay by a bit and tell the barista that they can keep the change. You’ve now made two people extraordinarily happy!

3. Spend Quality Time with your Family

Home is wherever we are together

Home Is Where We Are Poster

I can be guilty of not following this rule on a regular basis. It’s easy to get lost in everything we feel is necessary to complete in our day, to get caught up in work, exercise, and relaxation time. We forget that staying connected to our family is just as important. So make sure to carve out time to spend with your family. They miss you!

4. Tell a Co-worker a Joke

I don't know what I'm doing coffee mug

Confidential Job Mug

We spend anywhere from 8-to-12 hours surrounded by our co-workers. Sometimes that can be a fun experience, and sometimes we can become super stressed out. Relieve some of this stress, and spread some good cheer, by telling jokes. Preferably those that are safe for work. We wouldn’t want you to lose your job by working blue like Andrew Dice Clay!

5. Say “Hello” to Strangers

Hello pillow

Hello Throw Pillow

It’s a pet peeve of mine, but I loathe when someone walks by you and ignores your greeting or salutation. That doesn’t mean I should stop saying “Good morning”, and neither should you! You never know when your kind greeting will be the difference between someone having a great day or a bad day, and saying “hello” costs you nothing.

6. Apologize to Someone you’ve Hurt

I'm sorry t-shirt

My wife would be the first to tell you: hearing me say “I’m sorry” is a momentous event, one that surprises her every time it happens. Yet those two simple words go a long way. I recently reconnected with a friend I grew up with and apologized for something I did that fractured our friendship and made us estranged for the last 14 years. A fissure that long and deep was repaired with “I’m sorry.” Try using Do Something Nice Day to repair broken relationships, to say “I’m sorry” to someone you’ve hurt.

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