National Dictionary Day by the Numbers

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Webster knows words. It has the best words. 470,000 words to be exact. If you’ve ever wondered how one of the most famous dictionaries came about, today’s your lucky day. Here’s the story, of a man named Noah Webster, the “Father of the American Dictionary,” whose birthday just happens to be today.

1806 | The year in which American Noah Webster published his first dictionary, A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language. What a wonderful thing to create.

Create definition pillow

Create Pillow

1807 | The year in which Webster began compiling an expanded and fully comprehensive dictionary, An American Dictionary of the English Language. It probably had words like

Family definition pillow

Family Pillow

Fabulous definition t-shirt

Fabulous T-shirt

Pillow definition pillow

Pillow Definition Pillow

Wanderlust definition t-shirt

Wanderlust Definition T-shirt

Of course, this labor of love was a marathon, not a sprint.

Marathon definition t-shirt

Marathon Definition T-shirt

That’s why it took 27 years to complete. We’d say that’s pretty tenacious.

Tenacious definition poster

Tenacious Definition Poster

By the time he was done, he may even have been a grandpa.

Grandpa definition t-shirt

Grandpa Definition T-shirt

A really smart grandpa. He learned 26 languages in order to properly evaluate the etymology of words (including Old English, German, Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic and Sanskrit). Wow. That is awesome.

Awesome definition tote bag

Awesome Definition Tote Bag

Dictionary luggage tag

Dictionary Luggage Tag

When completed, his dictionary had 70,000 words. That’s a lot of words. These words were probably not in it.

Irregardless definition mug

Irregardless Definition Mug

Hangry definition mug

Hangry Definition Mug

Procaffinate definition mug

Procaffeinate Definition Mug

Cheers to you, Noah Webster. And now, for the last word.

Love definition mug

Love Definition Mug

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