10 Essentials for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

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We’ve all wondered it: If a zombie attack became a reality, would I be one of the few bad&%$ enough to survive it? You will with this list of zombie-butt kicking, keep-it-together essentials.

A fire-starting kit. Unless you know how to make fire the old-fashioned way, a fire-starting kit will help keep you warm and act as light as you try to avoid zombies in the dead of night.

Silver heart candle set

Silver Heart Candle Set

A crossbow. You don’t have to worry about running out of ammunition and you can carry it on your back and ask everyone to call you Daryl.

Crossbow t-shirt

Crossbow T-shirt

Alcohol. Sure, you want to stay alert and have your wits about you. But after a long, hard day or night slaying zombies, we’d say a drink or two is in order. I mean, let’s get real here: in the apocalypse, it’s 5 o’clock all the time.

Tree branches wine bag

Tree Branches Wine Bag

Sit and sip cooler

Sit N Sip Cooler

Water bottle. It’s almost as important as alcohol (almost). No, but seriously. You’ll be trekking cross-country trying to locate other survivors and the last thing you want to go without, other than a weapon, is water.

Zombie workout bottle

Zombie Workout Bottle

Zombie outbreak water bottle

Zombie Outbreak Water Bottle

A Compass. So you know where you’re going even after your victory drink.

Vintage compass watch

Vintage Compass Watch

Food. Canned goods and other non-perishables are important, but chocolate is better. And in the zombie apocalypse, who cares about dental hygiene anymore, right?

Chocomize bar

Pecan Raisin Granola Chocomize Bar

Camo blanket for those cold nights. No doubt you’ll find yourself sleeping in places you never thought you’d rest your weary head. An old barn or church. Under a tree. On a pile of chewed-up bodies. Your blankey will come in handy to either stay warm or to lie on top of a rough pile of sticks and stones.

Camouflage pattern blanket

Camouflage blanket

A first aid kit. It’s unavoidable. Someone is bound to get hurt during a zombie apocalypse. Paper cuts. Scraped knees. Missing limbs. Anything is possible. A basic first-aid kit will at least help you treat minor injuries.

First aid drawstring bag

First Aid Drawstring Bag

Playing cards. When you’re not kicking zombie butt or running for your life, you’ll need a quiet way to pass the time. If you’re flying solo, solitaire never looked better. If you’re with a group, try a crazy game of poker or Go Fish.

Polka dot playing cards

Polka Dot Playing Cards

Zombie control playing cards

Zombie Control Playing Cards

A Backpack. Well, you need something to carry all of these essentials in, right?

Zombie slayer messenger bag

Zombie Slayer Messenger Bag

Zombie survival messenger bag

Zombie Survival Messenger Bag

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