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If you haven’t noticed, our apparel offering recently received a face lift!

Apparel is one of our oldest products, and as the site continues to evolve we want to make sure we are continually updating the product’s aesthetic to match the rest of the site. And just like a good spring cleaning it’s always good to go through your wardrobe and make sure you have the most up-to-date styles.

Here’s the cliff’s notes version of the update:

  • Models: We have moved away from asking friends and family to participate as models and now we are working with professionals. We strive to present the shirts in the best light possible, and this recent update involves a concerted effort to add models from diverse ethnic backgrounds. We will continue to add different models so that it better reflects our customers.
  • Updating lighting: This may not seem like a big change, but by switching from the all-white background we are upgrading the style to make our shirts, and ultimately your designs, pop more.
  • Updated Styles: As trends come and go, we are constantly reacting and updating our offerings. A couple things impact this, but our vendors play a huge role. As our vendors clean up their inventory, we have to react accordingly. If you have designed a shirt on a style that is being discontinued, don’t worry as we will not delete that design but transfer it onto another shirt of a similar style. And discontinuing these styles gives us more room to add fun and exciting new styles.


We are always working on tweaking our entire portfolio so that in addition to the best designs, Zazzle customers will have the best style selection possible.

  • Family Styles: As we continue to add more styles we are focusing on having styles that are consistency across all ages and genders. Take for example the American Apparel ¾ sleeve raglan shirts.

Family apparel image

Now you can create matching designs for the entire family!

Coming soon…

  • Lay-down Shots: We will be adding “lay-down” shots to the styles so if you don’t like the particular model, but still want to merchandise your design, you can use the “lay-down” design featuring the shirt on its own. We always rely on data to help us make these decisions, and our goal is to make the experience better for customers so that we can increase sales for designers.
  • Video: Soon you’ll be able to see how your designs look on the models in motion! To better show off the size and styles of the shirts, we will be showing video of the models moving in the shirts, and your design will be on them! The intersection between tech and fashion is fascinating, and we’re so excited to be pioneering this experience.


What’s your favorite new style? Feedback or comments on the new style? Share with us below.

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  1. To whom it may concern,

    I appreciate Zazzle and the Zazzle team for creating new ways in which pro designers and amateur designers can create.
    I would like to address an issue that I have with these new T-shirts and my existing designs. The new shirts that you’ve transfered my designs to look horrible, by that I mean I worked really hard and very long designing the backgrounds on my designs to be invisible to match the color of the shirt that I’m working with so that there will be no square outline what so ever just my design. However, not only does that not work and looks bad, but I now have to delete them from my store and can not advertise it at all till this gets resolved. Also working on the grid of these new shirts is impossible to do just that, because the background of the design grid is a different color than it shows on the actual T-shirt on the models. It took me a very long time to use the grid the the way it was. I would very much appreciate your advice.

    Thank you very much,

    1. We suggest you do a transparent background, since our printing process will print whatever file you provide. Matching the color on screen does not always work with the actual file. If you want something to be transparent, we suggest you update the file. Thanks, and good luck.

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