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Everyone has a talent. Some of us take longer to find our talent than others, but we all have one nonetheless. In order to turn talent into expertise it takes years of application, work, and study mixed together and honed on the whetstone of life experience.

In other words, practice makes perfect.

In the case of Stephen Strange, his talent was his hands. Those hands were prepared through years of study and practice in the medical arts. Strange became a renowned surgeon, healing people with his talented hands.

Dr. Strange eye of agamotto throw pillow

Dr. Strange Eye of Agamotto Throw Pillow

Then the unexpected happens. Strange got into a horrible accident and his magical hands were mangled so much that practicing medicine was no longer an option.

What would you do if your talent were taken away from you? Would you wallow in self-pity, or would you find a new way to exist in the world?

Stephen Strange chose the second path.

Sorcerer Supreme

Dr. Strange OtterBox iPhone 7 case

Dr. Strange OtterBox iPhone 7 Case

Once he realized his mangled hands wouldn’t let him perform surgeries anymore, and no medical procedure would be able fix the nerve damage, Strange traversed the world to find purpose and place. He encountered a mystic known as the Ancient One, and Strange’s journey from magical healer to magical warrior began.

The Ancient One took Strange on as a student, and taught him the mystic arts as a way to channel his restless energy and to give the wayward doctor a way to help people again. Strange was such an extraordinary student that he worked his way up to the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

Now, all that is the origin story of the comic book version of Dr. Strange. What changes can we expect in the movie version?

The (comic) book was better

A couple of changes are already known. In the comic books the Ancient One was a male of Asian descent, while actress Tilda Swinton will be portraying the character in the movie. Another change concerns Wong, who acted as a servant to Dr. Strange in the comic books, but in the movie appears to be a teacher alongside the Ancient One. One last change that may give us a hint about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the fact that one of Dr. Strange’s archenemies, Baron Mordo, seems to be a part of the Ancient One’s school. Does this mean a rivalry will spawn between Strange and Mordo as they study together? Or is Marvel completely changing the history of one of its villains?

What do you expect to see in the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Leave your ideas in the comments!

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