Leaving the Country if Your Candidate Loses?

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Well, folks. Tomorrow is the day. The moment of truth. D-Day. The day the fat lady sings. Otherwise known as Election Day. And for some of us who have pledged to leave the country if “the other candidate” wins, it just might be moving day. Whether you’re a bad hombre or a nasty woman, we’ll help you pack, ey?

Wherever you go, you’ll need a passport. Yes, even to Canada. But don’t forget to invest in a passport cover that subtlety reminds everyone of why you’re getting the $!(%# out of dodge.

at's good for women passport cover - Election day gear

What Is Good For Women Hillary Passport Cover

Hillaryland USA - Election day gear

Hillary Land Passport Cover

In Trump we trust passport cover - Election day gear

In Trump We Trust Passport Cover

If you’re flying, make sure you don’t confuse your luggage with someone who has an opposing viewpoint — it may be contagious. Yuck.

Crazy democrat luggage tag - Election day gear

Crazy Democrat Luggage Tag

Republican chick luggage tag - Election day gear

Republican Chick Luggage Tag

As you settle into your new home, you’ll never have to explain your decision to leave America with a well-stocked closet of politically charged apparel.

I voted for Bernie trucker hat - Election day gear

I Voted For Bernie Trucker Hat

I'm with her t-shirt - Election day gear

I’m With Her T-shirt

Not so bald eagle trucker hat - Election day gear

Trump This Trucker Hat

Canada is cold this time of year. Stay warm with hoodies, nice, warm blankets and beanies.

Nasty woman beanie - Election day gear

Nasty Woman Beanie

love Trudeau beanie - Election day gear

I Heart Trudeau Beanie

Of course, you’ll want to blend in with the locals …

White Canadian maple leaf t-shirt - Election day gear

White Canadian Maple Leaf T-shirt

Hockey night in Canada t-shirt - Election day gear

Hockey Night In America T-shirt

And while you’re at it, you might as well jump on the Justin Trudeau bandwagon. Isn’t he dreamy?

I heart Trudeau tote bag - Election day gear

I Heart Trudeau Tote Bag

Bon voyage and see you in 4 to 8 years!

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