5 Facts About Veterans Day You May Not Know

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We all know someone who’s served in our nation’s armed forces, whether it’s the U.S. Army, Marines, Air Force or Navy. Parents, brothers, sisters, friends, husbands, wives, sons, daughters — today we honor these men and women who have served so bravely throughout history. And while everyone knows it’s Veteran’s Day, many of us aren’t familiar with it’s interesting history.

1. It hasn’t always been called Veterans Day. It was called Armistice Day, and it was created to commemorate the signing of a truce between Germany and the Allied nations in World War 1 in 1918. The name was changed to Veterans Day in 1954 to honor all servicemen and women, not just those who served in the first World War.

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2. From 1968-1975, Veterans Day was celebrated in October. Congress moved it so government employees could enjoy a long weekend. President Ford reverted it in 1975 for its historical significance.

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3. There’s no apostrophe.

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4. Veterans Day and Memorial Day are often confused. Veterans Day honors all American veterans, living or dead, while Memorial Day honors just those who have died. Raymond Weeks, a World War II veteran from Alabama, proposed the idea in 1945 to honor all veterans on November 11, not just the ones who had lost their lives in World War I.

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5. There are currently more than 21 million living veterans. Make sure you honor the ones you know today.

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On behalf of all of us here at Zazzle, we thank you for your service!

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