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The holidays are approaching and shoppers are keeping an eye out for good deals and gift ideas!  We’ve noticed that many of you are making use of the sharing tools we’ve provided, which is a great way for all of you to get the word out on all your hard work!  Many of our top Designers make sure to share products and if you aren’t doing it, now is the time you should start!  Take a look at the blog post below for tips on sharing your products.

Tip #1 – Sign into your Zazzle account

Make sure you are signed into Zazzle to take advantage of our 15% Associates Referral Program.  Once you are logged in, a designated referral code will be attached to your link when you use our sharing tools so that we know when a sale is made from your share.

Tip #2 – Share on multiple sites 

Use our sharing tools to promote across different social sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Wanelo, Tumblr, Google+. You can also use the sharing tools to share via email and direct linking.



Tip #3 – Change it up

Don’t just share products, share collections too! Collections are an easy way to get visibility for multiple products at once and they look great on social!


Don’t forget to sign up for our November Referral Contest for a chance to win one of five prizes including the top prize of $500! Sign-up now and happy sharing!

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