Featured Designer & Associate: Nadine Gilden

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Meet Nadine Gilden – an artist, entrepreneur and adamant pug-lover! Nadine is the owner of the Zazzle store Pugnacious Gifts, and promotes her products on her Pugnacious Gifts website, as well as various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


Tell us a little about you! 

I live in Brooklyn, NY. In case it wasn’t obvious from my shop & products, I’m a pug enthusiast! Besides having a pug for the last 21 years. I have also volunteered with pug rescues for many years. This year, I co-founded a new 501c3 animal non-profit called Pug Squad (for which we also have a Zazzle store) that raises money for pug rescues across the US, and Pug Camp, which will be a weekend away for pugs & the humans who love them, also to raise money for rescues!


What is your background in? 

I’ve had my own web design company, Curious Light, for 18 years. I’ve also always had the need for other creative outlets, so I’m constantly working on some kind of project. You should see my dining room right now, it’s covered in glitter!

How did you get started with Zazzle? How did you hear about us?

I started creating a few pug designs, and I wanted to see if I could sell them, so I tried another POD site, but I wasn’t happy with the quality of the products. I turned to our trusty friend, Google, and searched for other options. That’s when I found Zazzle and signed up to sell! Zazzle is just leaps and bounds above the other options.



How do you promote Zazzle products (own website, social media, ect.) and what tools do you use (linking, API, RSS feed, etc.)? How do you choose what products to promote? Which areas do you find the most success in?

I built a WordPress site for Pugnacious Gifts, and then started accounts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. I usually add products individually, because I’m selective about what products I do. But when I originally built the site, I had a lot of products to import, I did it by RSS, and used a tool called WP All Import, which is one of the greatest WordPress plugins on the planet! For the most part, I promote products based on the sales. So if Zazzle is running a 40% off on leggings, I create a graphic with all the relevant info. and post it on my various social media sites. The leggings have already been a big hit, fleece blankets do very well, pillows, t-shirts. I also love the mason jars! If I’m really into a certain product, I will promote it without a sale. I just did one for the leggings because I’m just having a blast designing those.



What new Associate Program features would you like to see on Zazzle?

As both a Designer and an Associate, I would love more information on returns. Thankfully, I don’t get a lot, but when I do, I always want to know why. Did they have a problem with the actual product, the design, or did they just change their mind? Knowing customers concerns/issues is always helpful.

What advice would you give to a new Associate starting to promote Zazzle products?

I would tell a new Associate that I know you’ve heard you have to promote and be on social media, but it’s way more than that. You can’t just be on these sites and post blindly. You have to have a relationship with your friends/followers. It can’t be a one way street. The more you converse, retweet, comment, like, the more your audience will trust you. People buy from people/companies they trust!


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