Interview with Holiday Design Contest Winner Jen Gebrosky

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Congrats to Jen Gebrosky, winner of the 2016 Holiday Card Design Contest! We sat down with the longtime Zazzle maker and designer and owner of Blush Paper Co. to talk about current trends and the inspiration for her winning Colorblock Merry Collection.

1. Tell us about your inspiration for the color block collection?

My kids, actually. They have some neat colorblock scarves, so that’s kind of where it came from. It’s a really simple design and I picked some easy text I thought would be relatable in a couple different color schemes.

2. In addition to cards, what products are available in this design?

Since I’m primarily a wedding stationer, one of my biggest pitches to a bride is branding from top to bottom. There are matching labels, stickers and address labels. I also did a mug, tea towel and throw pillow. I’m seeing a big trend toward personalized gifts, so I wanted to be able to incorporate the fun colors along with the font and the cheerful sayings.

3. What trends are you seeing in the stationery world?

For weddings, I’m seeing lots of sages and blushes. Fall brides are getting into grays and purples. I’m also seeing a movement toward more classic and traditional pieces that can be embellished with fonts or different printing techniques. I’m also getting a lot of requests for foil and letterpress and things with monograms. It’s a huge movement from the big floral and watercolor pieces I’ve been doing. Now, less is more.

4. What are some of your favorite Zazzle products to design for?

I’m loving the mugs and tote bags because they’re so versatile. My address stamps are really great gifts for the holidays and Mother’s Day. I love the new clutches — those are really fun. I love anything that can be personalized.

Colorblock postage stamp - Holiday design contest winner

Colorblock Postage Stamp

5. What’s #1 on your wish list this year?

We just moved into a new home and we’ve been slowly getting great pieces for the house, so I would say that something fantastic for the house that the whole family would enjoy. Something personal.

7. Favorite holiday movie?

A Christmas Story.

8. What’s your favorite part about the holiday season?

Just the magic of it. My parents made Christmas so much fun and so magical growing up and it’s just become even bigger and better once I had my own kids.

Colorblock monogrammed sticker - Holiday design contest winner

Colorblock Monogrammed Sticker

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