Mugs Refresh Announcement: What’s New?

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Hi Designers,

You might have noticed that 2 weeks ago mugs got a little face lift. Mugs is one of our oldest products, and as we continue to improve the site we like to continually elevate the product line as well.

There are a couple of important things to note about the most recent mugs product refresh:

Style & Color Updates

We have discontinued the “ringer” mug style, but in its place have added a combination mug. More color, more bang! We added a pink to all the styles so the color offerings are consistent. We also streamlined the morphing mugs color (now only available in black), and have added the 15oz. size as an option.

Design Migration

Even though we discontinued certain mug styles do not fret! If you’ve previously published designs on those mug styles we’ve already migrated your designs onto the most similar style! Check your store to make sure you’re okay with the new placement. And remember, even though you can’t change the design, you can always re-merchandise and put that design on another mug style!

Consistent Mug Images

Because the products were all added at different times the photography was taken at different times and often didn’t translate well to each other. We’ve reshot all the mugs so that their layouts are consistent to both you and the customer. There are now four consistent shots: right, center, left, and handle.

Size Option Ahead of Color Option

To better showcase to our customers the ability to change size and options we’ve moved the size option ahead of the color option. You might have also seen other variations of the product page that we are currently testing, but this order will hold consistent on the new product page as well.

With the new change, we plan on promoting mugs pretty heavily this holiday season. Roughly 2/3 of the mugs we currently feature have been customized by the end consumer, with the other 1/3 coming straight from marketplace purchase. With that information, we suggest some of the below design types as we see customers gravitate towards these styles:

  • Photo templates (Make it easy for customers to add family, friends, and other unique photos)
  • Holiday specific mugs
  • Funny
  • Quotes
  • Pairs (His and Hers, Mr. & Mrs, BFF, etc)
  • Monograms

We hope you appreciate the new changes, and as always, please feel free to provide feedback on the forums.


Your friends at Zazzle

Namaste mugs - Mugs refresh announcement

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2 thoughts on “Mugs Refresh Announcement: What’s New?”

  1. Hi, I would love to see a purple color added to the choices for the two-toned mug. I do a lot of things with the rainbow colors and turns out there’s no purple.

    Linda Kaun

  2. Hi! I miss the ringer mugs. Any chance you’ll be bringing them back? It added such a nice touch! Thanks!

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