3 Ways Product Reviews Benefit SEO

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When you are looking to purchase a new product what steps do you undertake?

When you are looking to purchase a new product what steps do you undertake? Do you go right out and buy the first item you find? Or do you do a little research, read online reviews, and ask the opinion of your friends?

I’m guessing you participate in the latter exercise.

No matter how much money we have we all want to be sure that we’re not throwing it on a faulty product. One of the best ways to know whether a product is worth your time, and money, is reading product reviews. But did you know that product reviews are also great for SEO? If you have your own website where you write a blog or show off your designs this can help you improve the ranking of your site. Let’s check out 3 ways that product reviews benefit SEO.

Product reviews add fresh content to a website

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It can be difficult to find new ways to add fresh content to your site. Writing a blog post every day isn’t feasible, especially if you are the only one working to build your site in the beginning. Product reviews are a great source of fresh content for your site, and also provide great information about what you are selling. Search engines love fresh content! The bigger the changes the more likely that search engines will come back and crawl your site, giving you more opportunities to improve your rankings.

Reviews can help increase click-through rate

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“What is click-through rate?” I can hear you asking through your computer screen (don’t ask, just go with it). A simple equation for you: click-through rate=ratio of people who click on a link to a specific page in search ÷ the total number of people who view that page. Measuring the click-through rate for the pages on your site can give you a better insight on just how much of the traffic you receive comes from organic search results.

What happens when you see a review for a product you are interested in purchasing? You’ll click on the link to read it, right? That click is as beneficial for the website as it is for your information-gathering trek through the Internet. The more often a link is clicked on that leads to a particular page, the more that click leads to a purchase or other activity, the better the search engines may rank that page because they see it is useful to customers/clients/readers.

Reviews can help increase conversion rates

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 The name of the game is earning, right? You aren’t creating designs just so someone can stroke your ego and tell you how awesome of an artist you are (that’s just a wonderful bonus). You’re in it to earn some money! Reviews can have an effect on your conversion rate by providing information about the quality or your product, the speed of delivery, the accuracy of the promised item, and other important facts that may help people reach an informed decision about your products.

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  1. hey Jamar, Very good write and very interesting topic. Reviews are normally using for affiliate.
    I would say that honest review with your tips would be great response.

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