Light and Dark Apparel Refresh

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As the seasons change, do you refresh your clothing to weed out old styles and replace them with new ones? At Zazzle we do the same! What’s changed in our apparel refresh, you ask? Oh, just a couple of things:

  • New Models– We found a couple of new models that we thought would look great in our products and shot beautiful new photography
  • New Styles – In an effort to stay trendy we’ve added new styles and retired others that have been discontinued by our vendors
  • Design Migration – Don’t worry if you’ve previously designed on a style that has since been discontinued. We’ve transferred your style to a matching shirt style
  • New Product Page – Our clothing page also received an update to make shopping easier for customers and to showcase our breadth of options. We also worked to call out some of the differences in printing on light vs. dark apparel to better educate customers to our process

Speaking of our process, you might not be familiar with the difference in printing on light vs. dark apparel.

What are the differences in printing on light vs. dark apparel?

Right now we use a direct-to-garment printing process to print designs on our apparel. This allows us to create one-off designs easily for customers who just want to order a single piece of apparel. We also use sublimation printing on our activewear and some of our polyester fabrics. Sublimation printing uses heat to transfer dye onto different surfaces, including fabrics.

Another difference is that it is much easier to print on our white t-shirts than our dark t-shirts. The reason is that we can start printing your designs for customers on white shirts right off the bat. In order to make sure the quality of your design looks the same on dark apparel, we put a pre-treatment layer down, then add a base layer of white, and then we print the color on the shirt.

Updating our apparel offering has us excited, and we hope you are as well! If you are looking for tips on how to design on our dark apparel check out this article in our help center.

Enjoy the updates, and happy designing!

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3 thoughts on “Light and Dark Apparel Refresh”

  1. PLEASE-PLEASE, ONE DAY: Make it so that we as designers,can put designs on shirt sleaves! People (military mainly) LOVE flags, etc. I’m the sleaves. So do I. Makes the shirt stand out even more. Please, make this happen! -Alan

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