4 Unique Uses for Business Cards

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: business cards are a great way to network with important people and influencers within your profession.

But what else can they do for you? I’m going to take a look at some of the other uses for business cards that you may have not have thought of. Have you ever heard of loyalty cards, baby shower insert cards, mommy contact cards, or wedding reception business cards? Well, you are about to! Check out these four unique uses for business cards.

What are loyalty cards?

Loyalty cards, also known as punch cards, are a fantastic way to reward repeat customers and entice new ones into coming back to your place of business. On either the front or the back of the card is a set number of punch areas counting up to a reward. Some companies may offer a free gift once all the punches are complete, while others may offer certain percentage off the next purchase made. This, along with having quality products, gives customers an incentive to continue shopping with a particular business, thus the “loyalty” portion of the name. But these aren’t the only ways to use these products!

Are you having issues getting your kids to clean up their room? Create some specialty loyalty cards where your children can earn a reward for every time they clean up their room without being asked!

Chore card - 4 Unique Uses for Business Cards

Kids Chore Punch Business Card

Are you having a hard time sticking to a diet? Do you crave certain treats? Personalize your own punch cards to help you keep track of a certain number of days where you stay under your calorie count or work out at the gym. For every cycle of days you complete you earn yourself your favorite treat!

Who knew you could do so much with loyalty cards?!? This isn’t the only use case you may never have thought of for business cards. Have you ever heard of baby shower business cards?

What are baby shower business cards?

The acronym K.I.S.S stands for “keep it simple, stupid,” and is a design principle to remind people that simple systems are often times the best. Keep it simple for all of your guests with our baby shower business cards. While you are planning the guest list you can also help plan what sort of gifts your baby receives. It can appear the height of rudeness to dictate to people what sort of gift item they should bring to your baby shower party, but a gentle suggestion shouldn’t be looked down upon! We have a number of great designs to help you guide your guests to bringing the types of gifts that your baby will use on a regular basis.

Who doesn’t love a good raffle? In order to entice your guests to bring the perfect gift, reward them with the potential to win a prize by bringing in a pack of diapers.

Diaper raffle baby shower business card - 4 Unique Uses for Business Cards

Diaper Raffle Baby Shower Business Card

You can also ask your guests to bring a book as a gift for your child with this book insert.

Book insert baby shower business card - 4 Unique Uses for Business Cards

Book Insert Baby Shower Business Card

What are mommy contact cards?

You may know every family in your neighborhood. You might have dinner with some of the parents or spend time chit-chatting with them while your children play in the school yard. But what happens if you move to a new neighborhood, city, or state? You purchase mommy contact cards and use them as a point of entry to build a network of new friends and acquaintances.

Just like business cards are used to network with professionals, mommy contact cards are used to network with other parents. You can hand them out whenever you find interesting new adults who have kids of their own. Not only can you put your name on these cards you can put the names of your children on them as well. That’s a great way to keep your name, and the names of your kids, fresh in the minds of your newly minted friends!

These cards are also a great way to introduce yourself to potential babysitters and give them a point of contact. You can even add a “Notes” section on the back in order to provide a space for important information like after school activities, allergies, or medications.

Rainbow mommy business card - 4 Unique Uses for Business Cards

Rainbow Mommy Business Card

Stripped mommy business card - 4 Unique Uses for Business Cards

Stripped Mommy Business Card

What are wedding reception business cards?

Even though it has become easier to find directions to our destinations thanks to smartphones, you cannot arrive at your endpoint if you don’t remember the address! There are so many cards involved in planning for a wedding: save the date cards, RSVP cards, invitation cards, reception invitation cards. You can forgive your guests for misplacing one or two of them. With wedding reception business cards you can create an easy-to-carry that your guests can just slip into their wallet and pull out when they need the address. You can also design the backside of the card to hold directions from the wedding venue to where the reception is being held.

Wedding reception business card - 4 Unique Uses for Business Cards

Wedding Reception Business Card

If you want an even more unique use for this style of business card you can create custom drink vouchers for your reception guests. You may not want to handle the expense of a completely open bar, but letting your guests have a drink on you is a great way to say “Thanks for coming to my wedding.” To make sure they get their free drink you can send out drink vouchers with your invitations.

Drink coupon - 4 Unique Uses for Business Cards

Wedding Reception Drink Voucher

These are just a few of the unique ways you can use our business cards and designs. If you think of another one be sure to use our personalization tool to create your own designs!

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