How to Throw Yourself a Singles Awareness Day Party

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Whether you just got out of a relationship or were never in one, Valentine’s Day can be a real downer. The chocolate companies have simply devised a plan to sabotage our New Year’s resolutions! When you’re single, February 14th is just another day.

To be honest, I’m single by choice. I just haven’t met anyone who can handle all of my awesomeness. But if you were disheartened by the The Day Which Shall Remain Unnamed, rejoice because today is Singles Awareness Day, a time to celebrate love for yourself and all of the amazingness that is you!

In order to take advantage of today here are some tips for throwing yourself an awesome “Singles Awareness Day” party.

1. Invite all your single friends over to celebrate. If you have single friends left, that is. If not, skip this step and move directly to step 2.

Single's Awareness Day poster

2. Get a mug. Fill it up with your weapon of choice. Mine is hot chocolate, but feel free to go for something a little stronger.

Singles Awareness Day mug


3. Get some food. Pizza and chocolate are a surprisingly awesome combination. Might I also suggest these awesome cake pops:

Singles Awareness Day cake pop

4. If you’re into bacon, you can always get this shirt.

Singles Awareness Day t-shirt

I know the shirt is for sale, but how much for the model?

5. Going out is over rated. Netflix isn’t going to marathon itself. Here’s a blanket so you have something to cuddle with.

Singles Awareness Day throw blanket

And remember…February 14th is be just another day, but Singles Awareness Day is just for you. CELEBRATE!

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3 thoughts on “How to Throw Yourself a Singles Awareness Day Party”

  1. Good one, Monica! I just had my “Love Stinks Gas Mask Heart” art show up in the Zazzle searches for one of my stores, so I hope it reaches the same single people too. Viva la single life!

  2. The chocolate, the real one, I know where to buy.
    Certainly I can not find it here!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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