5 Steps for Building your Wedding Website

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In the run up to your big day there are many things to think about. Save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, and much more. One thing you may not have considered is building a wedding website. It’s a great way to share information, the story of your lives together before the wedding, and links to your registry. If you need a little help, here are 5 steps you should take when building a wedding website.

Step 1 – Research other wedding websites

Just like writing an essay in school, the first step is always research. You may think you have your perfect wedding website in mind, but poking around the Internet to see what other couples have added to their site may spark your creativity, or give you additional ideas for your site. Once you’ve launched your site you want to make as few alterations as possible in order to keep guests from becoming confused.

Step 2 – Choose a dedicated URL/domain name

URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator,” but you may know it simply as the website address. The URL, or domain name, is what people type into their browsers when they want to visit their favorite site. For your wedding website URL make it simple. Here are a couple of examples you can follow:

  • jimandlauraswedding
  • jim-laura-wedding
  • mr-and-mrs-robinson-wedding
  • robinson-jacobs-wedding

Part of your domain name might be dictated by the hosting platform you choose, so take that into consideration as well. Some hosting platforms keep their name at the beginning of your URL (www.hostingplatform.com/jimandlauraswedding, for example).

Step 3 – Choose a hosting platform

A hosting platform is exactly what it sounds like: a place where your website will live. You have a couple of different options depending on your needs and how tech savvy you are. You can work with wedding-related sites that offer dedicated templates like:

Or you can build a wedding website from scratch using a hosting platform like:

Poke around to figure out which settings you need and the ease of use to make sure the hosting platform offers everything you need.

Step 4 – Choose a theme/colors

Your wedding website should mimic the theme and colors you’ve chosen for your wedding. It may seem like a small touch, but you’ll have many guests who want to know what your theme and colors are in order to match their outfit as closely as they can. Providing the theme beforehand also clues your guests into how they should be dressed for the occasion. Most weddings are very formal events, but sometimes people like to do some really different things with their special day. Perhaps you are a Star Wars fanatic and want a Rebel Alliance-themed wedding. Your website should show this off so your guests know to buy a Han Solo outfit to fit right in!

Step 5 – Proofread and launch your wedding website

You’ve done your research, you’ve chosen the URL and hosting platform, you’ve designed the website with your theme and colors in mind, and you’ve added your content. Now all you have left to do is proofread your wedding website and make it live for all your guests to see! Be sure to include the URL on your RSVP cards and/or invitations to direct your guests to the page.

In our next #weddingwednesday post we’ll talk about some of the best information and content to add to your wedding website!

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