What Should I Include on my Wedding Website?

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In our last #weddingwednesday post we discussed the steps you should take to build your own wedding website. This time, we’ll talk about what you should add to your wedding website in order to make it useful for your guests. Here are the important pieces of wedding website content you should be sure to include!

Include the date, time, and location of your wedding

Yes, you included all of this information on your invitations, but what happens if one (or more) of your guests loses their invitation? What happens if a group of invitations gets lost in the mail? Wedding website to the rescue! It’s also easier to make updates on your wedding website than to create a whole new set of invitations in the case of a venue change.

Include information about hotels

How many out-of-town guests do you plan on inviting? Will they be staying with other invitees for your wedding? Provide your guests with a list of hotels that are located close to your wedding venue. If you’ve blocked off a group of room for guests with a local hotel you can provide that information here as well!

Wedding hotel accommodations card - Wedding website content

Hotel Accommodations Card by Redwood & Vine

Include contact information

Do you have a point-of-contact person to handle all of the questions about your wedding? Provide your guests with their contact information on your wedding website. This way you don’t have a bunch of people emailing/calling/texting you while you try and get ready for your special day.

Include information about your wedding party

Do all of your guests know every member of your wedding party? Let them in on some fun information by putting together a page that features a picture and a bio of each member of your wedding party. It’s a good way to “introduce” them before the proceedings.

Include information about where you are registered

Unless you want everyone to get you the same set of fine china to sit in your kitchen cabinets you’ll want to provide information about your wedding registry for your guests. This will keep the guesswork out of what to purchase as a gift and may help keep the number of duplicate gifts down to a minimum. You can also provide clickable links on the website so guests can go straight to the registry and take a peek.

Wedding registry card - Wedding website content

Wedding Registry Business Card by Graphic Suite

Include information about the dress code

Yes it’s a wedding, and yes they are usually formal affairs, but what if you are having a destination wedding in Hawaii? Do you want your guests standing on a hot beach in their fancy dress clothes? Probably not. Make sure they know the proper dress code so they can look and feel their best!

Include social media information

Sure you’ve hired a professional photographer for your wedding, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to capture all the fun, intimate moments that will happen. Create a unique hashtag for your wedding and let your guests know that any photos they take and publish to their accounts should use this hashtag. This way you can collect pictures that your photographers may miss.

Social media information poster - Wedding website content

Chalkboard Social Media Wedding Photo Poster by Kaleena Rae

Include information about the schedule for your wedding weekend

Wedding itinerary card - Wedding website content

Seashell Wedding Itinerary Card by Happy Go Times

Your wedding weekend is going to be filled with a bunch of fun activities. Make sure your guests know when and where these activities will happen by giving them an itinerary to follow. Include activities that everyone is invited to attend. It would be a shame to have a couple of your guests turn up to the rehearsal dinner for you to have to turn them away.

In our next #weddingwednesday post we’ll talk about some hosting platforms to use for your wedding website. See you then!

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