6 Gifts to Give on Encourage a Young Writer Day

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Writing can be a lonely job. You are staring at a page or computer screen as it taunts you with its emptiness. It dares you to fill it with your brilliance. This can be daunting as a seasoned veteran, but even more as a young writer just starting out. Since today is Encourage a Young Writer Day we’ve compiled 6 gifts we think are perfect to give to a young writer.

A personalized pen and journal set

We can keep notes on our smartphones, but some writers have unique ways of diagramming and outlining their work. Personalize a pen and notebook set from Teals Prairie so they can take their notes on the go. You can add customized text to the pen and journal, as well as an initial on the wooden box that comes with the set.

Pen & notebook set - Encourage a young writer day

Personalized Pen & Notebook Set by Teals Prairie

A leather laptop sleeve to hold their computer

Eventually notes and outlines need to be turned into fully written works. This means sitting in front of a laptop and plugging away. Give your young writer a leather laptop sleeve to help protect their computer as they lug it around to coffee shops, the park, or anywhere else they get inspiration for writing.

Leather laptop sleeve - Encourage a young writer day

Dark Brown Leather Monogrammed Laptop Sleeve by QP Collections

A USB flash drive

The nightmare of any writer is losing works-in-progress and works completed. A USB flash drive is the perfect place to keep additional copies of poems, essays, short stories, and other writing.

USB flash drive - Encourage a young writer day

USB Flash Drive by South Gate Society

Writer award block

Receiving recognition is always fun. Give your favorite young writer a little recognition with an award block. You can add a cool design, like this inspiration to continue writing!

Writer award block - Encourage a young writer day

Write On Award Block by L Perry Photography

An engraved watch

Writing is about crafting a universe for characters to live in, and for readers to visit. When the words are flowing it is easy for a writer to lose track of time. Help them straddle the line between their fictional universe and the real world with an engraved watch.

Engraved watch - Encourage a young writer day

Engraved Sandalwood Watch by Tmbr


It’s called Encourage a Young Writer Day for a reason. Submitting written work results in many rejection notes and emails. What young writers need more than anything is support. Losing out on another writing prize or job chips away at a writer’s ego. Having unconditional support gives strength to a young writer. Be sure to share your support with them!

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  1. Hello. I would like to have a customized deck of playing cards that have the words BIG and LITTLE printed on the jokers. Can I do that? If so, how do I make that happen?

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