Zazzle Chat: How the Zazzle Ecosystem Works

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Welcome to our Zazzle Chat video on the Zazzle ecosystem. Your wonderful host Monica is joined by Kevin, and they discuss how designers help shape our ecosystem, as well as how they can change the use case of a product with their designs.


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3 thoughts on “Zazzle Chat: How the Zazzle Ecosystem Works”

  1. This was very interesting and helped me understand how Zazzle is organized and works. It also made me feel secure designing things here. I really like the design tools that Zazzle offers, but was nervous investing so much in one platform. Watching this video calmed those concerns.

  2. I’ve been a designer on Zazzle since 2009. I don’t have a huge store but enjoy sharing my photography and digital art on specific products. This has be helpful as I see the company expanding.

  3. As a relatively new designer on Zazzle, I found this video very reassuring of just what this company is all about … not only how Zazzle started out but the growth potential and also how important designers are to this community of products (by Zazzle and other makers).

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