How to Speak the Speech on Talk like Shakespeare Day

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“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?”

“To be, or not to be, that is the question.”

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind”

For most of you, reading those words brought you back to a horrible time in high school when you studied the works of William Shakespeare. Unlike those days, there won’t be a pop quiz! What there will be, though, are some great quotes to help you celebrate “Talk Like Shakespeare Day.” Yes, there really is a “Talk Like Shakespeare Day!”

Since brevity is the soul of wit, check out our slideshow for fun quotes to help you speak like the Bard this Sunday!

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When you want to play a romantic song for bae

Music be the food of love mug - Talk like shakespeare day

Music Be The Food Of Love Mug by Cool Vintage Quotes

When someone wants you to give them the answer that will make them happy

Answers mug - Talk like shakespeare day

Shakespeare Quote Coffee Mug by Brainburst Designs

How your children feel at Disneyland

Waste time poster - Talk like shakespeare day

I Like This Place Poster by William_Shakespeara

Remember this when your friend becomes overly dramatic

All the world's a stage tote bag - Talk like shakespeare day
All The World’s A Stage Tote Bag
by Inuall

When you need reminding that you control your own life

Destiny poster - Talk like shakespeare day

Destiny Quote Poster by Cool Vintage Quotes

When your friend needs reminding to do the right thing

Good deeds quote - Talk like shakespeare day

Good Deeds Inspirational Quote by Shakespeare Quotes

When your child doesn’t have a college major

What we may be postcard - Talk like shakespeare day

What We May Be Quote Postcard by Words To Live By

When you need an ending line for a wedding toast

Many merry days quote - Talk like shakespeare day

Many Merry Days Quote by Unknown

When you reach the end of a Shakespeare-centric blog post

Bethump'd with words mug - Talk like shakespeare day

‘Zounds Coffee Mug by The Chop Bard Shoppe

Enjoy Talk Like Shakespeare day!

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