How to Choose your Wedding Planner

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My wife and I decided not to have a wedding planner for our wedding. In order to keep it affordable, my wife decided that she would handle pretty much every aspect herself. I told her that, since the day was mostly about her, I would let her choose whatever she wanted, as long as she promised not to become a bridezilla. The first time she asked my opinion about something, I guess I chose poorly. She snapped at me, and that was the last time I offered my opinion about our wedding.

If you can afford it, I would suggest hiring a wedding planner. Getting ready for your big day can become overwhelming, and having a wedding planner to help will make it easier, both in planning, and on you as a couple. They are trained to listen to your needs, consider your budget, and help you plan the perfect wedding day. Here are a few tips on how to choose your wedding planner.

Research wedding planners online

One of the greatest things about the Internet is the plethora of information that you can access. Within a few minutes, you can gather data on all of the wedding planners near you and/or your venue. Be sure to research as many as you can to give yourself enough options to choose from.

Meet with wedding planners in person

Once you’ve done your initial research, start setting up meetings with them. You are going to work with the wedding planner for a couple of months on intimate details for your big day. Meeting the planner face-to-face will give you insight on how your personalities mesh, as well as being able to ask him or her questions and discuss your ideas.

Review their portfolio

While meeting with the wedding planners on your list and getting a feel for them, you should also ask to see their portfolio of past work. This way you can see how they’ve styled other weddings, if their ideas match your own, and whether you like the work they do.

Call references

Companies ask for references when you apply for a job, so make sure you get a couple of references from the wedding planners you’re meeting. There are three different references you should check with:

  • Clients – Talk to people who have experienced the abilities, decorum, and budgeting skills of the wedding planners you meet. Firsthand knowledge of how the wedding planner works will keep you from making a huge mistake.
  • Venues – Another way to check on the skills of a wedding planner is to see if your venue has worked with any of them. Like calling client references for a firsthand account, checking with your venue will give you even more information on how your wedding planner works.
  • Vendors – Vendors you are looking at for your wedding may have a relationship with a wedding planner or two. Talk to them about the ones they enjoy working with the most, and see if any of them match up with the wedding planners you are interviewing.
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