Lend a Paw on Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

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April 30th of every year is reserved for “Adopt a Shelter Pet” day. This day is set aside to raise awareness of all the dogs, cats, birds, and other animals who are without a home. If, like me, you live in an apartment complex that has a “No Pets” policy, have allergies that prevent you from owning a pet, or don’t have time to take care of an animal, don’t feel let out. There are things you can do as well. Here are some ideas on how you can make a difference on “Adopt a Shelter Pet” day.

Donate Pet Food & Treats

“Feed Me” Pet Food Mat - Adopt a Shelter Pet day

“Feed Me” Pet Food Mat by MissMatching

Shelters have a lot of mouths to feed, and they go through plenty of pet food. Dog food, cat food, bird seed; the list goes on. You can provide a much-needed service to your local shelter by supporting them in feeding the pets in their care. And since some of these animals are in the shelter because their owners neglected them, bring treats the shelter can hand out.

Donate Kitty Litter

Little known fact: owning a pet can be messy. You might only have to clean up after one animal. Imagine how many the shelter employees manage daily. For all the cats in your local shelter, donate some kitty litter. They’ll thank you, and so will the shelter employees!

Donate a Weekend

If you don’t have the time to be a pet owner, maybe you have enough time to devote a weekend to being a pet watcher? Talk to your local shelter about working there for a weekend to help them take care of all the animals they house.

If you have any special training, say, as a photographer, your time can be a bonus. Having a well-shot photograph can help a shelter animal be adopted.

Donate Old Pet Items

I’m not talking about the barely recognizable teddy bear that Rex has had for the last 4 years. I’m talking about gently-used water dishes, food bowls, leashes, and litter boxes: things like that.

Donate Your Home

This is, after all, “Adopt a Shelter Pet” day. If you can, open your home to a shelter pet. You’ll be giving an animal the home and love they need, and you’ll get a constant companion. And the warmth of doing a good deed.

Adopt a Pet Postage Stamp - Adopt a Shelter Pet day

Adopt a Pet Postage Stamp by creative stuff by

 If you do decide to adopt, check out our friends Dog Tag Art. They offer pet tags that you can personalize with your new pet’s name, a contact number, and even an image! They have a rescue and shelter donation program so you know pet adoption is important to them. Check out some of the great designs from their store:

“The Boss” Cat Tag - Adopt a Shelter Pet day

“The Boss” Cat Tag by PawSelected

 Daddy’s Girl Pet ID Tag - Adopt a Shelter Pet day

Daddy’s Girl Pet ID Tag by DogTagArt_Designs

Nautical Pink Stripe Anchor Pet Tag - Adopt a Shelter Pet day

Nautical Pink Stripe Anchor Pet Tag by Redwood & Vine

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