Fly High on Bird Day

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May 4th is a very special day. As all your friends walk around in their “May the Fourth Be with You” t-shirts, dare to be different by celebrating “Bird Day.” It may not be as popular, or have a huge following behind it, but it’s infinitely more important. As everyone is playing with laser swords and trying to move objects with their mind, here are 6 ways you can celebrate “Bird Day!”

Enjoy a Day of Bird Watching

One of the benefits of “Bird Day” is the opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature. Go for a hike and see how many different bird species you can find as you explore. You can buy a guide from a bookstore, borrow one from your local library, or download a bird-watching app on your smartphone.

I'm a birder postage stamp - Bird Day

Trust Me I’m a Birder Postage Stamp by Birds and Blooms

Set Up a Not-So-Secret Garden

Send an invite to the local avian population by placing a bird feeder in your backyard. You can also plant a garden of local flora to attract birds to your home. Turn every day into “Bird Day!”

Backyard birdhouse - Bird Day

Backyard Birdhouse Ceramic Tile by National Wildlife Federation

Volunteer with a Conservation Organization

“Bird Day” isn’t just about looking for and identifying local birds. It’s also about learning how to protect them and their environment. Find a conservation organization or society near your home and find out how you can volunteer. This will help you learn about the local bird population, the problems they face, and how you can help in your everyday life. You can pass this information on to friends and family, and educate them on how they can also make a difference!

Adopt a Bird from a Shelter

“Bird Day” isn’t just about caring for wild birds. There are many domesticated birds that need good homes, as well. Instead of going out and purchasing a new bird as a pet, visit your local shelter or rescue organization and adopt. Be sure to speak to the specialists who work at the shelter about any bird you decide to adopt. Some bird species have long lifespans, like the African Grey parrot, so make sure you’ve done the requisite research to ensure you’re choosing the best bird species for you!

Keep your Cats Indoors

While Mittens may love to prowl the outdoors and roam the neighborhood, this can have a terrible effect on the local ecosystem. According to the Audubon Society, a study shows that cats kill anywhere from 1.3 and 4 billion birds every year. Your cat won’t be happy about being cooped up in the house, but the birds who live near your home will be happy.

Fill your Home with Bird-Related Décor

Our last suggestion for celebrating “Bird Day” is to fill your home with new décor! Check out our National Wildlife Foundation and Birds and Blooms stores for posters, magnets, tiles, canvas prints, and more. As the seasons change, your favorite birds will migrate to warmer climates. You can keep them around all year long with one of these products!

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