5 Ways to Engage Your Social Media Followers

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So you’ve built your social media page, invited your friends and customers to join, you’ve posted on your page every day, but still no sales!  Is there something you can do to kick the engagement up a notch?  The answer is ‘yes.’ In this blog post, we’ll provide several tips on how to engage and interact with your social media fans and followers.

Vary your media.

According to a recent article by Hubspot, only 6.5% of your followers will see your Facebook posts, which means if you have 1000 Facebook fans, only 65 of those fans will see what you’ve posted. But it’s not just Facebook, organic visibility is declining across all top social media sites including Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram which means when you get a chance to be in front of your fans, you’d better grab their attention and fast.

One thing you can do to catch your fans’ attention is to vary your media. Test out all of the different media posts for your accounts from videos to images to product links and even text posts! Most of all, have fun with your posts and build yourself as your brand.

Customers want to connect with you and see the person behind the brand.  Take a few snapshots of yourself working or a photo of a finished product that you’ve made. Take a quick video of a thing, place or person that inspires you. Is there a park you take walks in to get inspiration? Does your cat or dog roam around your office? Does your garden bring a smile to your face? Not everyone is comfortable with sharing their life moments and that’s okay too! You can share pictures and collages of your products, or create simple DIYs to encourage your fans to get creative themselves. Ask your customers and friends to participate too! Did someone order a design and would like to share their photo of it on your page? Does someone want to write a guest post or a review?

Comment, like, repost, create hashtags, use @ signs.

Get to know your fans. Respond to their comments by commenting back, liking or reposting their post. Is there a fan or customer that is an advocate for your designs and products? Is there an influencer that featured your design on their page? Is there a story or a review that is worth reposting?  Don’t forget that these don’t need to be store or product related, but can be inspirational and motivational.

Make your brand and posts searchable by creating your own branded hashtags and using them in your posts. This will let your followers to easily find your brand and all of posts with your hashtag. Check out this post by Hootsuite on best practices of using hashtags.

Don’t forget to use the @ sign to engage your followers directly — this will encourage them to use the @ sign too!

Ask questions/run polls.

Asking questions is a fun and easy way to engage your audience. Try asking different types of questions like yes/no, multiple choice, and open-ended questions.  Maybe you just created two similar products, you can post them side by side and ask your readers which one they like better. Ask your fans and followers about themselves. Do you make pet products? Ask your followers if they own a pet. Keep the conversation going by commenting on the responses.

Questions can also be used to learn about what your audience prefers to see on your social media page. Ask your audience which posts they like best or which products they’d like to see more of on your page. Ask them which of your design themes they’d like to see more of e.g. floral, rustic, etc. Learn from the responses and test new posts with the feedback in mind.

Run contests.

Contests are fun for everyone and are a great way to keep your followers active and engaged.  The key to contests  is to make them interesting, accessible, and offer a prize. The prize does not have to be tangible — something like featuring the winner’s picture or a link to their blog or social media account on your page will work just as well.  What about asking your followers to snap a photo with something they’ve ordered from you before? Don’t forget to create a hashtag for the contest. You can have one or multiple winners!

Follow the numbers.

Test, test, test!  Post (or schedule posts) for different times of the day and night to see when you get more likes/comments/clicks/sales. Test different media types. Test different copy. Perhaps there is one or two taglines that you have that work best for product posts. Maybe you notice a particular image received lots of likes and comments. What was the image of? What time of the day was it posted? What was the copy? Do you have similar images you can post?

Numbers don’t lie, so if you have a posts that works well, keep on posting and reposting. If you have a post that’s not getting any traction, then let it go! Focus on what works and your audience will be happy and responsive.

Share with us your favorite engagement technique in the comments below!

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