Guest post: DIY Fingerprint Gifts for DAD by Charming Ink

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Today’s guest post comes to us from Charming Ink on how to create a fun and memorable gift for Dad this Father’s Day! 

Image of Father's Day gifts including tissue paper with fingerprint hearts, gift tag fingerprint, print with fingerprint heard and cuff links with fingerprints

If your kids are too young to write, have them make fingerprint gifts for Father’s Day. Instead of signing their names, they can add their unique “stamp” to Zazzle cards or gift tags. A simple print will do, or they can have fun adding details to turn their fingerprints into hearts or cute animals.

We’ll also show you how to digitize their prints if you want to make keepsake gifts like a canvas print or coffee mug.



Optional items for Keepsake gifts or large items like Canvas prints:


Image of supplies including ink stamps, card stock, gift tags and greeting cards


1. Start with a “test” page and have the kids play around with pressure and the amount of ink.

2.Once they get the hang of it, have them make their “mark” on the card or gift tag.

Image of card stock with pink fingerprints and Dad You Are Totally Unique gift tag with fingerprints

Fingerprint heart and fingerprint with drawn on tail whiskers and ears depicting a cat

Digitizing fingerprints:

The reason to digitize is we want to create a “vector” version of the image. Vectors can be scaled up to any size which is important if you’re making larger gifts like a canvas print, otherwise the image will be fuzzy.

1. Again start with a “test” page and have the kids make lots of fingerprints. You’ll want to choose the one with the most contrast to get a good, clean scan.

2. Scan the best fingerprint or take the prints to your local print shop. You’ll want a black and white high resolution scan at 1200 dpi.

Step 1 and 2 for scanning fingerprints and opening them up in illustrator

3. Place your scanned image in a new document in Adobe Illustrator by going to the top menu and choose: File, Place. Then from the top menu choose: Object, Image Trace, Make and Expand.

4. From the tools menu select the eye dropper tool and click on any part of black area of the fingerprint. Then from the top menu choose: Select, Same, Fill Color. This allows you to then choose a different color swatch and make the black areas any color you choose. Save the image (as a PDF or .ai file) and you’re ready to upload to Zazzle! Put your masterpiece on one of Zazzle’s many products for a truly unique gift for Father’s Day.

Steps 3 and 4 for image trace and then selecting color

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