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I love ties. I have a drawer full of them, and I still have to keep myself from buying more. I have ties to go with every dress shirt I own, and backups just in case I want to switch up my style. I even have ties that don’t go with any of my dress shirts, just because the color or the pattern was too beautiful to leave in the store.

Some people think that gifting ties to men is boring. That’s only when the color scheme or design is boring. And since Zazzle designers are anything but boring, we have amazing tie designs that many of you created. For the designers who may not have worked with our ties, we’d love to inspire you to use your designing talent on this spectacular product. We’ve checked the most popular designs from January until now, and have gathered them together. Without further ado, here are the top tie designs you’ve created on Zazzle!

Sports-related Tie Designs

Sports designs are very popular on Zazzle. This first design is made for a basketball coach with a sense of style.

Basketball Coach Black Tie - Top tie designs

Basketball Coach Black Tie by HappyPlanetShop

This next tie has one H-E-Double-hockey-sticks of a design on it!

Blue Hockey Sticks Tie - Top tie designs

Blue Hockey Sticks Tie by Saucy Mitts Hockey

Out of the penalty box and onto a tie, this hockey player is streaking toward the goal!

Tiled Hockey Tie - Top tie designs

Tiled Hockey Tie by SjasisSportsSpace

Look around the stadium, arena, or rink of any sports team and you’ll see many of the fans draped, painted, and adorned in the colors of the team. You’ll find other fans clothed in jerseys and kits of their favorite players. This next design will let sports fans wear the colors of their team, and the number of their favorite player, while at work!

Purple and Gold Jersey Tie - Top tie designs

Purple and Gold Jersey Tie by artNimages design

Lacrosse fans have made this design popular on Zazzle.

Lacrosse Tie - Top tie designs

Lacrosse Tie by Lacrosse Shop

Patriotic Tie Designs

If you’ve created as many sports-related designs as you want, or don’t know enough to make them, fear not. Patriotic designs are popular on Zazzle, too. Celebrate, and support, law enforcement with a thin blue line design, like this one.

Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Tie - Top tie designs

Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Tie by Color Jungle Co.

Law enforcement wouldn’t be possible without laws, of course. Take your design game all the way back to the inception of American laws with a design featuring the creation and signing of the Constitution.

Signing of the Constitution Tie - Top tie designs

Signing of the Constitution Tie by RewStudio

The foundations of the Constitution are the enumeration of the rights of the people, as well as a declaration of Independence. This next designs married those two concepts with the text “We The People” on top of the stars and stripes of the American Flag.

We The People Vintage American Flag Tie - Top tie designs

We The People Vintage American Flag Tie by KDR-DZINES

Science-related Tie Designs

Thomas Dolby said it best…”SCIENCE!” Whether you follow Carl Sagan, Neal DeGrasse Tyson, or go all the way back to Galileo, you’ll enjoy knowing that science based designs are popular with customers. Check out this tie filled with formulas.

Physics Diagrams and Formulas Tie - Top tie designs

Physics Diagrams and Formulas Tie by UDDesign

There’s something magical about staring at the images that satellites send back of other galaxies. So magical that Zazzle customers shop for them! Gain some inspiration from this design of a galaxy of stars.

Trendy Galaxy Print Tie - Top tie designs

Trendy Galaxy Print Tie by Poptastic Retro Graphic Tees

Pattern Tie Designs

The last category we’ll talk about is patterns. From plaid to geometrical shapes to pet prints, patterns are popular! One pattern you may not have thought about are patterns using photos. How do you do this? Check out this design!

Family Photo Tie - Top tie designs

Family Photo Tie by Ties to the Past Designs

Animals developed patterns on their skin for survival. As an apex predator, humans don’t need these patterns, but boy, they sure make fantastic tie designs! Check out this cheetah print.

Chic Black and White Cheetah Print Tie - Top tie designs

Chic Black and White Cheetah Print Tie by Tint and Beyond Gift Store

Children will often create gifts for their parents using their handprints. Why not do the same with pet paw prints, like this next design?

Blue Plaid Paw Print Tie - Top tie designs

Blue Plaid Paw Print Tie by 😉

What tie design will you create?

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