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I’m something of an Aaron Sorkin devotee, and have watched nearly everything he has produced. This includes the sublime (The West Wing, A Few Good Men), and the…well, not so sublime (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Season 3 of The Newsroom). I was heartbroken when The West Wing went off the air, having spent 5+ years absorbed by the storylines, the drama, the acting, and the (misguided) idea that maybe, someday, I might work in the West Wing of the White House.

It’s never fun when a show you love goes off the air. So I empathize with fans of Orphan Black. The show is in its fifth, and final, season, leaving fans everywhere to wonder what to do with their time when it ends. How else do you continue living in world of Orphan Black after the show is off the air? By buying some of our custom Orphan Black FanMerch or creating some of your own!

How do I create Orphan Black FanMerch?

Now, before you make a beeline to the FanMerch store, there are a couple of things to point out:

  • Please, read over our Orphan Black FanMerch Guidelines before you design. It can save a lot of headaches or starting over
  • Submit your original artwork through our FanMerch Design Tool, found by clicking this hyperlink
  • Choose one of our approved products for your design. You can find a list of approved products here
  • Be sure to tag your Orphan Black FanMerch products with “ORPHANBLACK”
  • The royalty rate for FanMerch products should be set to 10%. If your royalty rate is set higher, it will be re-set to 10%
  • Any products/designs submitted must go through an approval process
  • Please do not attempt to submit a product with no relevance to Orphan Black. Zazzle reserves the right to delete any product that does not bear relevance to the Series.
  • Logos for Orphan Black will not be made available for download

Here are a couple of examples from the FanMerch store. First we have a t-shirt with the names of a couple of characters on the show:

Orphan Black Names T-shirt - Orphan Black FanMerch

Orphan Black Names T-shirt

And here is a mug with the name of the group that created the clones on the show:

Dyad Institute Orphan Black Mug - Orphan Black FanMerch

Dyad Institute Orphan Black Mug

Got all that? Good. Now you’re ready to design some Orphan Black FanMerch and create some memories. Happy designing!

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