Interview with Triptych Design Contest Winner German Banuelos

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In June Zazzle ran a Triptych Design Contest. We received a lot of amazing entries, and, as hard as it was, we choose a winner: German Banuelos. We spoke to German about his design background, entering the contest, and advice he has for Zazzle designers.

What is your creative background?

Although I have no formal degree in the creative arts, I have always been fascinated by it. It all started when I was a teenager. I had family members who were creating video projects, synced to music, for a local contest. The contest was open to the masses, but we treated it as a family competition. It gave me the incentive of learning new programs, to take part in the contest. I learned a video editing program called Adobe Premiere and made something, just in time for the contest. Unfortunately, I didn’t win that contest, but it had sparked my curiosity in the creative arts. Obviously, as time passed, I expanded to learn Adobe After Effects for visual effects and Adobe Photoshop for image editing. I still use all three to this day.

How long have you been designing on Zazzle?

I started about 9 months ago. I use the free time I have, to develop products while still working a regular job. My goal with Zazzle was to simply make extra income. It has worked out well so far.

What made you want to create a submission for the Triptych Design Contest?

I was looking for a niche market, and by pure coincidence I stumbled upon the Zazzle Triptych Contest blog post. There were still a few days left for me to enter. It was an incentive to create the Triptychs I was going to design anyway. So why not enter? What do I have to lose? It was just perfect timing.

What was your inspiration for this design?

I wanted to create a design that would be universally well liked. Something that would attract the vast majority of people. Something that I, would personally hang on my wall. Triptychs based on the Universe/Galaxy/Cosmos fit the bill.

What other Zazzle products have you designed?

I have a store that is purely t-shirts. This store is still my main store. However, I wanted to expand a bit to see what else was out there. I created only two other stores, one that features only pillows and one that features only acrylic triptychs. I don’t plan on expanding further beyond these 3 stores, I plan on focusing on these 3 stores exclusively in the future.

What has been your favorite Zazzle product to design?

Text-based t-shirts are my favorite ones to design. It requires me to do research on what is trending now and what was trending in the past. These types of t-shirts are the easiest ones to create as well. I use a specific font to differentiate from other text-based t-shirts on the Zazzle marketplace.

Any advice for Zazzle designers?

My advice is to just keep going. Keep making products. I made no sales for my first 4 months but I continued to create products regardless and learned along the way. I’m seeing sales now but it was because I was persistent. Remember, the future is bright…don’t give up!


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One thought on “Interview with Triptych Design Contest Winner German Banuelos”

  1. Congrats to the winner. It was a bit of disappointment that the contest was only for zazzlers based in USA. It’s indeed discrimination for other international zazzlers. My Triptych was in selected as an inspiration on the post where contest was announced yet I was not able to send any entry as my country of residence is not USA.

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