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A new feature here, a fresh look there – from search to pages to notifications, Zazzle is constantly evolving to improve the Customer, Designer and Maker experience. Today, we’d like to go over some of the latest Zazzle site and feature updates.

Visual Search Suggestions

Visual Search Suggestions is a new feature which lets you see actual products populate on the right-hand side of the search bar as you type in what you are looking for! It makes for a better experience as you can see the product suggestions update in real-time as you update your search term. What better way to shop than to see a preview of what we have to offer?

screenshot of visual search suggestions feature

Final Sale Label

Zazzle currently has over one hundred apparel styles and we are constantly updating these offerings. This means that sometimes we downsize old styles to bring in new ones. You may have noticed that some of the styles are now marked as ‘final sale.’ This call out is to encourage customers to take a peek at the styles that won’t be around much longer and get them at a fantastic price! Who doesn’t stroll by the clearance section just in case they find a gem? I know I do!

screenshot of final sale feature

Out of Stock: Notify me when it’s back in stock

We recently added a feature on product pages that lets you sign-up to be notified via email when your favorite products are back in stock. No more coming back to check the status of the products. Now the status will come to you!

screenshot of out of stock notification feature

Related Content on the Product Page

Related content is a valuable feature for customer experience, and now it’s new and improved. On the product page you will see a “Found in collection” section right under the product image if the product belongs to a collection. Another section called “Other designs you might like” will be directly under the collection section, or, if the product doesn’t belong to a collection, directly under the product image. This provides a nice balance of relevant content for the consumer to enhance their shopping experience.

screenshot of related content product page feature

Saved for later in Cart

Have you noticed the new look and feel of the shopping cart? The best part is that now you can save all your products for later! So shop, choose, buy, or sleep on it! When you come back, everything will still be there, waiting for you as you left it.

screenshot of save for later cart feature

Which of these features is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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