What You Can Learn From the Top Holiday Card Designs of 2016

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It may only be July, but at Zazzle, we’ve already got our holiday planning hats on! As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season, let’s first take a walk down memory lane and see what some of the most popular cards of the 2016 holiday season were.

Top Holiday Cards of 2016:

Happy holidays snow card - Top holiday card designs 2016

Happy Holidays Snow Card by NB Paper Co

Holiday photo card - Top holiday card designs 2016

Counting our Blessings Holiday Photo Card by Orabella Prints

Merry Christmas photo card - Top holiday card designs 2016

Merry Christmas with Love Photo Holiday Greeting Card by Kat Parrella

Modern merry holiday card - Top holiday card designs 2016

Modern Merry Holiday Photo Card by Fine and Dandy Paperie

Snowflake holiday photo card - Top holiday card designs 2016

Snowflake Overlay Holiday Photo Card by Redwood & Vine

Holly wreath photo card - Top holiday card designs 2016

Watercolor Holly Wreath Merry Christmas Photo Card by Miss Tallulah Paperie

Happiest holidays photo collage card - Top holiday card designs 2016

Happiest Holidays Photo Collage Card by Plush Paper Design

Three photo holiday card - Top holiday card designs 2016

Merry Everything Red Script Photo Holiday Card by ohwhynotweddings

Here are 8 observations on why these cards were some of our best sellers:

  1. They utilized templates! If you haven’t heard us tell you before, Zazzle customers love templates. Why templates? Because it makes it easy for them to customize your design with their photo or text. If you don’t know how to use templates, make sure you check out our tutorial on the subject.
  2. These cards had clean, simple designs that focused more on the photos than on the designs. The cards place more prominence on the photos and the design elements are just supporting characters in the overall card.
  3. They used unified colors. Most of the top holiday cards focused on the holiday motif: red and white. Don’t be afraid to play up complementary colors as well, as long as they fit a unified theme.
  4. They played with lettering. Some used script, modern or a simple fonts, but they always looked great alongside their overall designs.
  5. The backs of the cards were also designed. Simple, complementary designs really help the back pop!
  6. They utilized good stock photos. All the photos that were used, showed clean, well-lit subject matters that looked great in the context of their cards.
  7. They used different messaging, not just ‘Merry Christmas.’
  8. Each had good keywords when the designs were added for sale. They accurately described the design and the intent for each card.

We’re so excited for this holiday season to be the best yet, and we hope you all are already thinking of the new designs you’ll create!

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