New Products: Cake Stands, Frisbees, & More!

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We love new products at Zazzle! We’re constantly scouring the internet to look for new trends and new makers to add to our platform, and recently we’ve been able to add a lot of fun new additions for you guys to design on, and for customers to love!

Here’s the latest new products round-up!

  • Cake Stands by Maryland China: Perfect for all those fancy dessert spreads, we’re so excited to add this fun new cake stand by Maryland China! And not just for cake, put cupcakes, cookies, even donuts on it to really elevate your dessert game. Perfect for throwing fancy holiday parties, weddings, and anything that you really want to stand out.

American flag cake stand - New product round up

Design by Plush Paper Design

  • Wham-O Frisbees by Hampton Tech: A super fun product for all those flying disc fanatics! The Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee is specifically designed to balance distance-great for layout outs, speed and the ability to float based on your throws for all your Ultimate Frisbee plays. Great fun, rugged everyone will enjoy it on the beach, the park, the yard. And now you can customize your Frisbee so you’ll never lose it to prying hands again!

Corgi butt frisbee - New product round up

Design by Red Wyvern Designs

  • Golf Accessories: If your old man is a golf man, then Father’s Day just got a lot easier to shop for! To help round out of customized golf balls, we’ve really added the entire suite.

Golf divot tool - New product round up

Design by A Gift Personalized

Golf hat clip - New product round up

Design by Thin Blue Line Graphics

Golf ball marker - New product round up

Design by Westerngirl 2

Golf gloves - New product round up

Design by DancingPelican

  • License Plate Covers by iVoke: For all those who love their cars more than they love their children! Forget personalized plates, license plate frames are much more fun! Make a statement as you sit in traffic or speed on by.

License plate cover - New product round up

Design by Jenn’s Doodle World

  • Wooden Photo Panels by Walnut Hollow: Super cool and unique product that will join wall art and home décor. With the bark edges raw wooden edges, this product has a rustic charm that is perfect for woodsy cabins and any theme with a more natural look/feel. We will be putting this product in wall décor and rustic wedding shoots, but it will not get its own special campaign as the forecast isn’t as high as some other products.

Photo wood panel - New product round up

Design by Ricaso DIY

  • Pocket Folders by Visual Promotions: Nail that first impression with customized presentation folders. Showing up with generic folders are so last year.

Marble pocket folder - New product round up

Design by amoredesign

  • Faux Canvas Prints by FunDeco: Perfect for seasonal holiday décor and gallery walls, faux wrapped canvas prints are an affordable alternative to traditional canvas wrap prints. Made from lightweight foam core, these economical prints are vibrant, durable, and easy to transport.

Faux canvas print - New product round up

Design by profstore

  • Electronics:
    • Google Pixel Case by Uncommon: New phone, who dis? Customers are really digging the new Google Pixel case, and we’ve got new cases for them to personalize.

Uncommon Google Pixel phone case - New product round up

Design by logotees

    • iPad Covers for iPad Pro (both sizes, 12.9” & 9.7”) by In a Flash: We’re constantly making sure we have the latest and great accessories for the latest and greatest electronics! Smart covers are so handy, and now your iPad will stand out in a sea of sameness.

iPad cover - New product round up

Design by NancyTrippPhotoGifts

    • Wireless Keyboard by Keyscaper: The perfect accessory to your computer! This wireless keyboard features a 102 key layout with numeric pad for speedy number crunching. Add a stylish accent to your desktop with your design!

Wireless keyboard - New product round up

Design by NinaBaydur

Stay tuned as we are always adding more products!!!

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