Back to School: 8 Must-Have Teacher School Supplies

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When I was a young student, I had no idea how a teacher supplied their classroom. I guess a part of me just thought the supplies magically appeared when the school year started, and magically replenished themselves during the summer. I can hear educators everywhere screaming, “THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS!!”

And they’re right: that’s not how it works at all.

Teachers need to shop for many of their classroom supplies themselves, picking out the stickers, labels, and Post-it® notes they’ll use for the year. Well, teachers, I’m happy to say that Zazzle is here to help you supply your classrooms! Not only that, but you can personalize your supplies to create a fun environment for your students, as well as keep track of where certain classroom necessities end up should they wander off on their own. Excited yet? Well, hold on as we talk about the eight must-have teacher school supplies you’ll need for the upcoming school year.

Pens & Pencils

“Can I borrow a pencil?” When I said those words in class, I’m sure my teachers cringed because they knew that 1) I was going to forget to give the pencil back, and 2) They would need to replace that pencil at their own expense. All I can say is, boy, am I sorry. But I hope to pay my penance by sharing with all of you the fact you can add your name and classroom number to our pens and pencils, which should remind your students they need to return it to you. (Am I forgiven, yet?)

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I loved seeing a sticker on my classwork or homework, telling me I did a “Great Job,” that I earned a “Gold Star,” or the assignment I submitted was “Amazing.” Positive reinforcement is important for students, and with Zazzle, you can personalize our stickers with an inspirational message. If you’re searching for variety, we have many different sticker shapes to customize:

  • Heart
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Square
  • Star
  • Triangle

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Rubber Stamps

Even though students use computers, laptops, and tablets to type up essays, most teachers only accept hard copies of assignments. Marking these up will take a toll on your hand. Get a little help from a custom rubber stamp. Mark a late submission from a student, or have a stamp made with each letter grade.

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Just as students need a place to keep track of their assignments, teachers also need a filing system for their work. You can create binders to hold similar papers together or personalize them for the different subjects or class periods you teach.

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Do you find that master copies of assignments, books from your library, or other essential supplies go missing from your classroom each year? Mark them with custom labels that have your name, your room number, and grade level on them, so everyone knows where to return the borrowed supplies.

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We know teachers work long hours grading papers, tweaking lesson plans, and preparing exams. We also know you can’t take a nap whenever you want. That’s why there’s coffee! Personalize a mug for your classroom, and a travel mug for your car ride to work.

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Posters & Banners

The goal of classwork and homework is to reinforce the lessons you teach your students. The posters and banners on your walls can do this as well. Math teachers can create a poster with important formulas on it, while language teachers can add conjugation rules. Our posters and banners can also hold inspirational messages to give your students the push to work through painful lessons.

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Post-it Notes

Whether you need to leave notes on a student’s work, write notes for other teachers, or create written reminders for yourself, nothing beats the tried-and-true Post-it® Note.

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We hope the coming school year is full of joy, surprises, and successes for your students. By stocking up with personalized school supplies, we hope to eliminate any extra supply shopping, as well!

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