Zazzle Staff Picks: Back to School

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Going back to school is all about a fresh start, catching up with old friends, and meeting new ones. In the spirit of this season and getting to know new people, we’ve asked three fellow Zazzlers to tell us a bit about themselves and share their favorite back-to-school products.

Meet Monica from Product Marketing

Monica is one of our product marketing managers. She loves studying people, behavior and trends — both online and offline! When she’s not thinking about all-things-Zazzle she loves urban cycling, marathons (Netflix, that is), spontaneous dance parties, and watching obscure documentaries.

Her favorite subject is math because there is not ambiguity, well, not a lot. Her favorite products this year are the cool Boldface backpacks.

Monica likes this product because backpacks are a back-to-school classic, but bold face backpacks are an upgrade since you can easily change out the face so you can match your unique style and outfit.

Kawaii Poop Pattern Boldface Backpack
Tropical Palm Leaves Print Backpack


Meet Janet from Email Marketing

Janet is one of our email marketing managers. California grown ice hockey player who loves a challenge. Shoot her an email and she’ll be sure to send you one back. 😉

Janet’s favorite products are water bottles. Why? Because earth friendly hydration –> mutually beneficial for you and the environment!

Preppy and fresh teal stripes with name water bottle


Factory Enova Elemental Tiger Waterbottle
Elembental Tiger Personalized Waterbottle by Factory eNova

Meet Elizabeth from Content & Community Marketing (me!)

I am one of the online community marketing managers. I love to help others and solve any problems that come my way. Outside of Zazzle, I spend my time going to concerts, trying new foods, and traveling.

My favorite products are the Yubo lunch boxes because they fit lots of containers inside so you can stay organized and keep your food fresh. In addition, you can switch out the faceplates so you can choose the design that fits your mood for the day!

Lil Foxie Cub Cute Custom Sleepy Fox Lunch Box
Lil Foxie Cub Cute Custom Sleepy Fox Lunch Box

Cool Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh Painting Art Lunch Box

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