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As children, many of us dreamed of being superheroes. We wrapped towels around our necks, secured them with clothes pins, and called them our capes. We gathered our friends, chose our powers, and ran off, fighting pretend villains. We were young and full of imagination, ready to save the world at a moment’s notice.

Peter Parker doesn’t have to use his imagination to have powers. Thanks to the bite of a radioactive spider (OUCH!), Peter is gifted with super strength, the ability to climb walls, and a “spider sense” that warns him of danger.

What does the teenager do with his new-found powers? He sure as heck doesn’t clip a towel around his neck! Peter fashions a real costume, calls himself the “Spider-Man,” and wrestles for money. One night the wrestling venue is robbed, and “Spider-Man” lets the criminal get away.

Okay, so Peter isn’t a hero yet, but this small choice changes Peter’s life forever.

The criminal flees the wrestling venue and the police. He’s not done, however. The money he stole from the wrestling venue isn’t enough. He needs more, so he heads to a bodega with a gun. And there he meets a real hero: an old man, just trying to do what’s right. The old man refuses to let the robber get away with the money. The old man fights with the criminal, tugging at the gun. It goes off, and the old man is shot in the chest. He falls to the ground. Peter lives nearby and hears the noise while walking home. He rushes to the old man.

It’s his uncle, Ben.

Peter holds Ben as he’s dying, and vows to find the person responsible. He dons his wrestling costume and searches the city, tracking the criminal to a warehouse. Peter corners him and realizes it’s the same man he let run past him at the wrestling venue.

Guilt takes over. Instead of crippling Peter, though, the guilt drives him to refine his costume, to change his attitude, to live by the words his uncle preached to him: with great power comes great responsibility.

From this tragedy, a hero is born!

Spider-Man Classics Store

While we’ve seen many different versions of his origin brought to the big screen and television, this is the story many of us grew up with. Spider-Man was brought to life in the pages of Amazing Fantasy #15 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in August of 1962. While most of the other comic book heroes created at that time were adults, Peter was a teenager. Marvel marketed their comic books to teenage boys, and now these fans had a hero who was their age. Peter dealt with high school bullies, crushes on girls, and the tragedy of losing a loved one, all while trying to hide his secret identity from his aunt and protect his city from criminals of the super, and not so super, variety.

Just like we did when we were kids.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, or want to introduce your children to the Spider-Man you grew up with, we have an incredible Spider-Man Classics store featuring fantastic designs of everyone’s favorite wall-crawler! Take a look at some of the designs we have:

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We may be too old to slip a towel around our necks and “save” our city, but wearing a Spider-Man design on our t-shirt, or sporting it on our phone, is just as cool!

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