Zazzle Chat: Mobile Updates

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Hello, everyone!

Whether you have a tablet, a smartphone, a smartwatch, or all of the above, mobile is a huge part of our lives. We’re making changes to our mobile app and mobile website experience, and want to share them with you.

In our latest Zazzle Chat, Monica and Sean talk about these updates, and what’s to come in the future.


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4 thoughts on “Zazzle Chat: Mobile Updates”

  1. To sad … the Zazzle app is not for sale for Dutch designers:
    “This Apple ID is only valid for purchases in the Dutch iTunes Store. You will be switched to that Store.”
    US the center of the universe? … nah 😉

  2. If we could design on a luggage/valise cover canvas, that would be great!
    I made a few ties and t-shirts but the next thing I would do for my own use or to offer would be these covers.
    There could be 3 sizes/formats of luggage covers to chose from.
    How about that?

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