This Month in #ZazzleMade: August

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Welcome to the end of August, and welcome to our favorite #ZazzleMade submissions! If you’re new to the party, our customers and designers share products and designs on their Instagram accounts and tag them with #ZazzleMade. At the end of each month, we gather our favorites and share them here. If you’d like a primer on how best to get your design(s) seen and shared, check out our “Get Inspired with Zazzle’s Instagram Feed” post. We’d love to see what you’ve made, and so would our community. And now, here are our favorite August #ZazzleMade submissions!


I never really liked it when my mom tried to dress my brother and me alike, but I have to admit I think it’s super cute to see my nieces and nephews in matching outfits. It appears that you feel the same way, too! First, we have these two cuties in matching t-shirts:

Matching children's shirt - August ZazzleMade

Animal Band Shirt by Fantastic Zhi

Next we have a mother/daughter combo:

Matching mother & daughter shirts - August ZazzleMade

I Got it from My Mama Baby Bodysuit and She Got it from Me Adult Shirt by TheSweetSoybean

And finally, we have this colorful flower design on matching adult and baby clothing:

Colorful flower design shirt - August ZazzleMade

Colorful Flower Shirt by Sweet Serenity


No matter how convenient email and text messages are, business and greeting cards are still necessary. Check out this beautiful makeup artist business card:

Makeup business cards - August ZazzleMade

Makeup Business Card

Brides: get your half of the bridal party ready with this specialized card:

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card - August ZazzleMade

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card by NB Paper Co

This next design was inspired by the art theme of Burning Man 2017:

Burning Man Cards - August ZazzleMade

Burning Man Postcard by Tested_on_people

The first day of school can be scary for young students. Teachers, you can make it less so by creating welcome cards like this one:

Up Balloon House Postcard - August ZazzleMade

Up Balloon House Postcard by Disney


“Home is where the heart is.” “A person’s home is their castle.” “There’s no place like home.” As these familiar quotes show, we love our homes. From studios to apartments to condos to mansions, our abodes are more than where we lay our heads and leave our valuables. We should decorate them accordingly. In that spirit, we start with the bedroom. Check out this cool black and white striped fleece blanket!

Black and white striped fleece blanket - August ZazzleMade

Black and White Fleece Blanket by The Happy Nest

Yes, your pet can get in on the action as well. Mazzy sure loves that blanket, huh?

Pet blanket - August ZazzleMade

In addition to blankets for yourself and your pet, we also have pillows for indoor and outdoor use. Just be sure to bring Good Vibes Only!

Good vibes only pillow - August ZazzleMade

Good Vibes Only Pillow by imtraciwithani


Whether you enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning or prefer to sip on some tea, you’ll need a mug to drink it. If you’re a boss and you know it, this mug design is for you!

Boss coffee mug - August ZazzleMade


Some of us don’t need makeup and accessories to look our best. We just wake up beautiful!

I woke up this way coffee mug - August ZazzleMade

I Woke Up Like This Mug by The Crown Prints

This next mug design is a reminder to always hustle for what you want in life.

Hustle gift coffee mug - August ZazzleMade

Hustle Girl Mug by BrittCoDesigns

Thank you for checking out our favorite August #ZazzleMade submissions, and thank you to everyone who tagged us on Instagram. Check back next month for more designs!

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  1. I have been trying to find a print of the very old family tree with places for photographs. My grandfather had one in his home around 1900. Please send me a catalog or something to look at. I just saw it on my PC at your website. Did you get this message??

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