DIY Halloween Witch Paper Party Hats

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So, I’m just going to start by saying that I’ve been watching a lot of Charmed on Netflix lately and I’m pretty sure that’s what inspired this next DIY project. With Halloween being a month or so away, I thought I’d pay homage to one of the most classic costumes of all time, the witch. Now, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe don’t feel the need to wear witch’s hats, but I think it’s an important staple – 90’s garb just won’t suffice!

If you’re dressing up as a witch this year or are planning to throw a Halloween party, these DIY Halloween witch paper party hats are so much fun to make and are the perfect addition to any witch (or wizard)!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Supplies for DIY Halloween witch paper party hats

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1 - DIY Halloween witch paper party hats

  1. Create the black brims by roughly measuring the circumference around the paper hats using the streamer end, then cut. Each strip will give you two brims, so repeat this step as many times as you need to account for the number of hats as you are making.


Step 2 - DIY Halloween witch paper party hats

    1. Grab your scissors and cut down the middle of the long side of each strip, creating two thin pieces.


Step 3 - DIY Halloween witch paper party hats

    1. Using your glue stick, adhere each piece of thin streamer to the bottom of the hat, creating the brim.


Step 4 - DIY Halloween witch paper party hats

    1. Flip your hat upside down and place the glue stick on the bottom ½ inch of the hat. Apply the adhesive to the entire circumference.


Step 5 - DIY Halloween witch paper party hats

    1. The next part looks tricky but is very easy once you get the hang of it. Using the black streamer roll, place the end of the roll to the edge of the hat where you just applied the glue. To create the rippled effect, press firmly on the glued streamer and move it away from you, folding and bunching the material.


Step 6 - DIY Halloween witch paper party hats

Continue this until you’ve gone around the entire edge of the hat.

Finished hats - DIY Halloween witch paper party hats

Tada! Now you’re a cute, little witch!

Hat on Zazzle employee - DIY Halloween witch paper party hats

Hope you enjoyed this witch inspired DIY. Have a magical Halloween!

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