What Type of iPhone Case Should You Buy?

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Every case out there serves its own purpose. At Zazzle, we have brands for iPhone cases such as Case-Mate, Carved, OtterBox, LifeProof®, Uncommon, Incipio and more. While all the cases are 100% customizable, the look, feel, and purpose of each case varies. It’s important to do a comparison on how your lifestyle matches the case you want your iPhone to live in.

I’ve been a proud owner of 3 iPhones over the course of 10 years. Each iPhone in my pocket showed me four different sides of myself: a Klutz, Adventurer, Fashionista, and Show Off. I loved them all for different reasons and I also dressed them up for different reasons.

Who are you? If you’re anything like me, you might be all four of these kind of people! Lucky for you, you will have many cases to choose from.

Are you someone who:

  • Always gets down and dirty
  • Often drops it like it’s hot
  • Trips over their own feet

You are “The Klutz”

Are you someone who:

  • Appreciates nature
  • Likes taking risks
  • Is too busy to plug in to charge their phone

You are “The Adventurer”

Are you someone who:

  • Cares more about the look of their phone
  • Changes their iPhone case to match their mood of the day
  • Wants their iPhone to double as a purse

You are “The Fashionista”

Are you someone who:

  • Appreciates the beautiful designs of the iPhone
  • Recognizes the delicacy and expensiveness of the iPhone
  • Enjoys the look and feel of a case-less iPhone

You are “The Show Off”

Choose a phone case based on how you live your everyday life!

The Klutz

Starting with my first iPhone, the iPhone 4. Not only was this phone my first smartphone, but it was my first big purchase! At the age of 13, I was known for breaking my electronics by dropping, by having it fall in water, and, of course, combining those worlds: accidentally dropping it in the toilet. There was no way I was going to let anything hurt this phone. I wrapped my baby up in an OtterBox case for full rugged protection and coverage.

OtterBox Symmetry Case

Decayed Double Yellow Line OtterBox Symmetry iPhone 8/7 Case

What makes an OtterBox case durable is its combination of synthetic rubber and polycarbonate materials to absorb any shock when dropped. The bumper around the phone is raised which helps protect the screen of the phone if placed face down. Its sleek design makes it easy to put in and take out of my pocket and purse. I found that installation is quick and stress-free with the one-piece design. You won’t have to worry about getting frustrated when it comes to charging your phone. All ports are accessible and the case does not interfere with wireless charging!

LifeProof® FRĒ Case

Add your name Silver glitter printed personalized LifeProof FRĒ iPhone 7 Plus Case

  • Custom fit to each iPhone model (e.g. iPhone 7 case will not fit iPhone 8)
  • Materials: polycarbonate, polypropylene, synthetic rubber & silicone
  • 360 degree coverage with an integrated scratch protector
  • Device ports, controls and features remain accessible, audio adaptor included
  • Optical-glass lens cover for crisp and clear photos and videos
  • Sound enhancement system for rich sound clarity
  • WaterProof design: Submersible to 6.6 ft. for 1 hour
  • DirtProof design: Sealed from dirt and dust
  • SnowProof design: Closed to ice and snow
  • DropProof design: Survives drops from up to 6.6 ft.


Case-Mate Tough Xtreme Case

Personalized Monogram Italian Flag Damask Pattern Tough Xtreme iPhone 6 Case

  • Impact resistant PolyCore exterior with shock-absorbing DouFlex liner
  • Built-in screen protector to prevent screen scratches and cracking
  • Protective covering on all ports, controls & sensors
  • Military-spec tested to protect against wind/rain, shock/drop, sand/dust, and vibration
  • Textured exterior for added grip

The Adventurer

Being my first smartphone, I treated this phone like my child. The more I had it in my hand, the more chances there were to be dropped, cracked, shattered, and sent up to Heaven. LifeProof cases, rechargeable cases, wooden cases, and so many others can be found to support the rugged lifestyle of an Adventurer. For someone like me who is always on the go, a safe case is a safe bet.

Uncommon Battery Case

Men's Business Professional Style iPhone SE/5/5s Battery Case

I was torn between my phone always dying and never keeping a phone charger in my pocket. The most logical solution would be not to use my phone as often. Instead, I decided to use my phone the exact same amount, if not more, and just wrap it up in a battery charging phone case! This case not only protected my phone from drops and damage, but it also doubled my usage with a 2200 mAh rechargeable battery. The LED light notified me on how much charge I had left on the case. When it ran out of juice, I was still able to charge my phone without taking off the entire case.

LifeProof® NÜÜD Case

Abstract Geometric Sun-Like Pattern + Custom Name LifeProof NÜÜD iPhone 6 Case

  • Materials: Polycarbonate, polypropylene, synthetic rubber & silicone
  • Sleek design barely adds weight and size
  • Device ports, controls and features, including fingerprint scanners and health sensors remain accessible, audio adaptor included
  • Back camera is protected by an anti-reflective-coated optical glass lens that ensures every shot comes out crisp
  • Sound enhancement system for rich sound clarity
  • WaterProof design: Submersible to 6.6ft. for 1 hour
  • DirtProof design: Sealed from dirt and dust
  • SnowProof design: Closed to ice and snow
  • DropProof design: Survives drops from up to 6.6 ft.


Carved Wood Case

Geometric wood arrow carved maple iPhone 6 bumper case

  • Impact-resistant, full-wrap, rubber bumper with textured sides for added grip
  • Natural wood grain pattern
  • Domestically and sustainably harvested wood: maple, cherry, or walnut
  • Access to all ports, controls & sensors


The Fashionista

There was a time in my iPhone 5S life when I focused more on the look of my phone rather than the safety. I didn’t care what material my case was made out of. I just wanted a picture of a kangaroo or the California flag on the back of my phone. The soft, gloss finish made my images stand out and last a long time even with daily use. Some people have shoes for each day of the week; I had phone cases.

Incipio Watson Wallet Case

Wooden Frame iPhone Wallet Case

My favorite case for this fashionista look was the wallet case. In terms of durability, I do have to say that the cover protected my screen whenever I wasn’t using it. There were three card slots that I used for my license, school ID, and debit card. The elastic band kept the case securely closed with no worry that my cards were going to fall out. My phone was always in my pocket or bag, so I never lost an ID but the easy access to my debit card was not healthy for my bank account during my college years.

Zazzle Slim Case

IPhone 7 Slim Case Matte Finish

  • Matte or glossy finish
  • Made with high-quality shatterproof polycarbonate
  • Ultra slim fit with easy snap-on design
  • Long lasting vibrant printing with beautifully compliment your favorite accessory
  • Case does not interfere with wireless charging


Case Savvy Glossy Finish Case

Camera Design iPhone Savvy Slim Case

  • Hard shell plastic case with matte or glossy finish
  • Protects from dust, dents, scratches and bumps
  • Light weight, feels good in the hand
  • Perfectly cut around the buttons
  • Access to all ports, controls & sensors
  • Easy to install and remove

The Show Off

When I got my iPhone 7, I kept the front and back plastic on until I was in a safe, clean environment to put it into a case. Once I unwrapped it into its natural naked form, I fell in love with the design and overall feel of it. Not only was it beautiful with the Jet Black gloss color, but it was also thin and light every time I held it. I wanted to show it off to everyone, but I knew I needed to keep it wrapped up in a case.

Uncommon Clearly Deflector Case

Faux Rose Gold Vintage Tea Roses Clear iPhone 8/7 Case

The perfect case I found was the Uncommon Clear case. This case is thin which is perfect for showing off that lightweight iPhone design. I was able to add a design to it to keep it standing out while also showing off the beautiful Jet Black color. You can’t show off your iPhone if it’s scratched or crack, so get a case that does both! Protect your device in the smallest, yet most effective way possible.

Case-Mate Barely There Case

Tropical Pineapple Driftwood iPhone 7 Barely There Case

  • Slim profile and lightweight
  • Impact resistant, durable hard plastic
  • Case does not interfere with wireless charging
  • Lay-flat bezel to protect your screen from directly contacting surfaces
  • Access to all ports, controls & sensors
  • Glossy finish


Incipio DualPro Case

iPhone 7 DualPro Shine, Gold Incipio DualPro Shine iPhone 8/7 Case

  • Two layers of defense provides military grade drop protection
  • Shock absorbing inner core keeps device safe from bumps and drops
  • Scratch resistant rigid polycarbonate outer shell
  • Brushed aluminum style finish
  • Case does not interfere with wireless charging


Whether you’re a fashionista, klutz or somewhere in between, every iPhone deserves to live a long-lasting life from within a case. The options for phone cases are plentiful: protective, slim, clear, wood, wallet, and so many more. Once you compare each case and choose a winner, express your creativity on it! Customize your iPhone case with any photo, design, colors, and text. At Zazzle, you are sure to find the perfect phone case to fit any and all personalities!


In CASE you didn’t know, learn more about the materials in an iPhone Case:

  • A type of plastic made out of tough material with high strength and lightweight
  • Can handle both high and low extreme temperatures
  • Everyday uses: eyeglasses, CDs and DVDs, bulletproof windows
  • The “Superhero of Plastics”
  • Doesn’t crack or stress when flexed
  • Durable and resistant to daily wear and tear
  • Everyday uses: utensils, athletic apparel, area rugs, batteries, food storage containers, cutter boards, car parts
Synthetic rubber & silicone


  • Can be as hard as a bowling ball or as resilient as a rubber band or as soft as a sponge
  • Approx. 70% of all rubber used today is synthetic rubber
  • Everyday uses: weather balloons, mattresses and pillows, inflatable boats, diving suits, erasers


  • Rubber-like material, flexible, resistant to heat and cold
  • Everyday uses: electronics, cars, food products, household goods
Optical-glass lens
  • Anti-reflective, crystal clear protective glass
  • Everyday uses: Eyeglasses, camera lenses
Lay flat bezel
  • Creates a bumper around the front screen to prevent direct contact when placed on a surface
PolyCore exterior
  • Strong, thin, durable lightweight material
  • Does not absorb water
Shock-absorbing DouFlex liner
  • Eliminates vibrations and rattling
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