How To Have A Killer Halloween Night

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Halloween is a night full of frightful festivities and strange superstitions. Growing up, my Halloween tradition was typical, to dress up in a costume and go house to house looking for candy. Once I became a teenager, my neighbors refused to put candy in my pillow case no matter how many times I said ‘trick-or-treat’. I didn’t have the monster magic to trick them into giving me sweets. I needed to throw a killer Halloween party with my own candy and fun. If you’re a party planner, party goer, or an anti-party person, celebrating Halloween should be done in your own unique way!

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Party Planner

You’re known to throw a killer Halloween party every year and this year you want to monster mash it up!

Inviting your ghostly guests

The first step to a successful Halloween party is celebrating the night with other monster-loving people. Let your guests know the what, when, and where with creepy, crawly Halloween invitations. After counting the RSVPs, you will be able to estimate the amount of food, drinks, and decorations to prepare.

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Preparing for the night

Your guest list is complete and you’re ready to whip out the Halloween decorations. Keep the theme of Halloween fresh and undead with matching party supplies. Paper cups, plates, napkins, party hats, stickers, buttons, and the list goes on! Turn up the monster mash music and get your guests caught up in the cobwebs.

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Entertaining your party people

Fill up the night with many different entertainment options. Pumpkin carving or costume wearing contests are fun ideas to get everyone involved. A classic pumpkin smashing playlist gets people to rise from the dead and boogie down. There’s never a wrong time to turn on Ghostbusters, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and The Monster Mash! After dancing for hours, your party people will need to fuel up! For someone who loves treats as much as I do, I have always wanted to do a candy testing competition. I like to think I know each jelly bean flavor, but a blindfolded taste test might throw off my tastebuds.

Having freaky fun!

Being the host of a killer Halloween party can be frightening, but don’t forget to enjoy the night! Take some time to dress up in your homemade, boo-tiful costume, dance to that monster mash music, taste those weird flavored jelly beans, and enjoy this Halloween night with your favorite people.

Party Goer

You’d rather plan your outfit than plan a party and that’s okay! Without party goers, party planners will have an empty place with untouched food, drinks, and decorations.

Where are you going?

I typically get invited to a killer Halloween party hosted by my parents or a small get together with friends to watch as many Saw movies as we can. As a party goer, figure out what party you’re attending, whether that’s a Halloween birthday party, costume party, or some type of haunted house party.

What are you wearing?

You can’t show up to a Halloween party the same way you show up to a normal party. This is the one night of the year to express your freaky self. If you’re a dancer and love to move around, I recommend a flowy, lightweight costume. Keep it simple with a custom Halloween t-shirt and matching leggings!

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What are you bringing?

I never show up to a party empty-handed. Show the host that you appreciate their hard work the most with a special Halloween gift. Offer to bring a bone-chilling dessert or blood-gushing drinks. Get the best of both worlds with chocolates & sweets that look as good as they taste! How fun would it be to show up at the party with cake pops disguised as bloody eyeballs? I’ll take 5 eyeballs please!

Feed and surprise your guests with Halloween chocolates and treats such as cake pops, brownies, cookies, and more.

Are you having fun?

Whether you’re party hopping or at a small get together with close friends, enjoy every fun memory you make on this mischievous night. There are only 364 days until you’re reunited with your party people for another Halloween celebration.

Anti-Party Person

You don’t need to plan or go to a party to have a successful, scary Halloween! Get your blankets, horror movies, and candy ready for a relaxing, magical night.


The best way to have a perfect haunted night in is with food and drinks! There are plenty of vampires and werewolves roaming the streets, so the pizza delivery guy will be your best friend. You might open the door hoping it’s the delivery guy but instead it’s miniature superheroes, princesses, and grim reapers screaming ‘trick-or-treat!’ at you. Don’t be THAT neighbor. Make sure you have candy ready to hand out!


You’re not doing Halloween right if you’re not watching hours of fear-inspiring, horror films. Scary movies and I have a love-hate relationship. I thoroughly enjoy psychological thrillers or anything with a suspenseful plot. There are plenty of great Halloween classics like Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, and of course It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. However, I can live a happy life without seeing a true blood gushing, limb missing, Freddy Krueger or Chucky the Doll type of movie. I’ve developed serious trust issues after watching The Strangers in 2008. I blame myself for sneaking into a rated R movie when I was only 13 years old. Sorry, Mom!

Grab a pillow to hide yourself from the scary monsters! Customize your Halloween pillow with your favorite ghost image or freaky phrase!


You got your munchies. You set up the surround sound for your movie. Now it’s time to get comfortable. To me, October always gives me an eerie vibe with the cold weather and darker days. I like to grab as many blankets and pillows as I can hold and build my own little protective fort. If you’re watching movie after movie and have enough food to last a week, you won’t be moving any time soon! Lay down, bundle up, and hold in your screams whenever Pennywise the dancing clown pops up on screen!


Halloween is more than parties, costumes, and candy. According to, theories of Halloween date back to the ancient celtic era. I’ve always thought it was a day to celebrate the end of summer and our transition into the cold winter. There’s nothing wrong with starting your own Halloween traditions indoors and away from the tricks and treats!

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Keep the fun, haunted vibes alive by celebrating Halloween in your own way! Whether you’re planning, attending, or avoiding the killer party of the year, we hope your Halloween season is extra fang-tastic and spook-tacular!

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