“Holidayz for Dayz” Design Contest Winner Announcement

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We recently wrapped up our latest big design challenge and we were blown away by the talent within our design community. We had 500+ submissions, and with so many amazing designs, it was really hard to narrow it down, so instead of just 3 winners, we have 4 top winners this year.

All the entries were judged on the following criteria:

  • Thematic relevance
  • Quality of image (clarity and composition)
  • Creativity
  • Ease of customization

Unlike our previous holiday contest, our focus this year wasn’t just on the cards, but on the entire collection. We had some very creative collections that really tied the entire holiday spirit together. So, without further ado, let’s congratulate our 4 big winners:

1.      Redwood & Vine 


2.      Origami Prints


3.      Violet and Pine (tied)

3.     Banter & Charm (tied)

Not only were their main folded card beautiful, but their thoughtfulness in piecing together different products and designs to create a cohesive collection was amazing. Each designer was able to take their main design element and apply it across different products to create a beautiful collection that capture the eyes of the judges. 

 In addition, we have our 10 editors picks who also a beautiful job in showcasing their amazing taste and creativity. Make sure you check out their entire collection!

The holidays aren’t here yet, but these collections are definitely helping us get in the mood! And we can’t wait for you guys to celebrate the holidays with us.

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15 thoughts on ““Holidayz for Dayz” Design Contest Winner Announcement”

  1. In YOUR contest legal it says this:
    “The 3 primary entry product types must be featured in the top row of the collection and the secondary ones underneath.”
    I looked through all your winners Contest Collections and the following winners did not order their collections in the specified manner: Violet & Pine, Redwood & Vine, Jingle Mingle, Banter & Charm, Magic & Wonder Christmas, Cold Outside, Dipped Stripe and Gold Shimmer.
    You violated your own legal rules in your choosing winners

    1. Responding to your comment above, the line was really specified for the submission page only. Since we ended up creating the submission page in a way that forced the designer to enter the main products first, and the secondary products after, it was a moot point when we were looking at the collections as a whole. Sorry for the confusion this caused.

    2. I’m not sure why you would say that about my collection. My three primary entries (card, sticker and stamp) are in the top row and secondary entries (calendar and acrylic block) are in the second row.

      Anyhow…cheers and congratulations to all the winners! Feels good to be in such good company with all of you. XOXO

      1. Excuse me, I went through all 435 listed collections, but I didn’t see mine. It was “Seasons Greetings” by DeZenYo. Where is it? Please tell me. Thanks.

        1. Hi Jose, if you don’t see your collection listed, then you must not have tagged the collection with “holidayz.” Each designer is responsible for tagging their own collections. Thanks!

          1. I am happy to report that I did tag my collection with the word “holidayz.” So, my original question still stands. Where is my collection in which I entered into this contest? FYI: The last time my collection was updated was on 9-16-17, so I did not do any tampering whatsoever. That should be the date that entered into the contest as well. I hope you can help me, please.

          2. Hi Jose,

            The minimum items required for a collection to show up within the /collection search is 6, and your collection only has 5 items. Because of this, for the contest, we had designers also submit their collections to the Google form. Your Holidayz for Dayz, Seasons Greetings, by DeZenYo entry was received on 9/16/17, but not chosen as a winner.

            Hope this helps,

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