Halloween Safety Tips & Tricks

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While Halloween is a night for costumes, candy, and freaky fun, it’s important to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t let the night become more frightening than it’s suppose to be! Here are some Halloween safety tips for making your night less spooky and more safe.

Bring a flashlight

Do remember to bring a flashlight when you are out trick or treating. Autumn is the season when the sun sets earlier and it gets darker outside quicker. Using a flashlight not only helps you see the sidewalk and your surroundings, but it also lets other people see you. Especially if you are in control of watching a lot of kids, making an eye-catching poster to use as a beacon can help you be seen from a distance away. This also helps with the kids being able to find and follow you throughout the night.Peek-A-Boo Black Cat on Halloween Orange Poster

Avoid approaching dark homes

Don’t walk up to uninviting or dark homes. If a house doesn’t have any of their lights on, there’s a good chance that either nobody is home or the owners are not participating in Halloween. Save yourself some time by skipping that house and screaming your ‘trick-or-treat’ at a more inviting house. You will know the difference between a spooky, Halloween themed haunted house and a house who does not want trick or treaters to knock on their door. Find those fun, welcoming houses with the giant spiders, flickering candles, spooky music, and haunted decorations!

Halloween LED Candle Spider Cobwebs

Stop, Look, and Listen!

Do what you learned as a kid and always stop, look, and listen when crossing the street. Halloween night is filled with twice as many kids as any other night. The excitement of going from house to house might make you forget to keep your eyes and ears open. While you might see a car driving on the street, they might not see you. Make your presence known with a light, reflective tape, glow sticks, or any form of bright costume and clothing.Happy Halloween Black Cat Rustic Sign Shirt

Grab a friend

Don’t go trick-or-treating alone. Halloween night is more fun when spent in big groups. There are plenty of kids who run house to house to get as much treats as they can. Find a neighbor friend and form a fun group to trick-or-treat with! Grab your halloween bag and make it your mission to get the most candy!Personalized Custom Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

Protect your belongings

Safety during Halloween isn’t just for walking outside. Staying safe indoors is just as important. If you’re staying on the couch to watch scary movies or sleeping the spooky spirits away, remember to lock your doors, close your windows, and keep your car in a safe area. Tricksters are out on the prowl Halloween night. Be cautious and protect your house, your belongings, and yourself.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. I haven’t gone a year without bringing a functioning flashlight, grabbing a buddy, keeping my eyes and ears open, and enjoying my night with loads of candy and freaking fun! Make this Halloween night the best yet with a creative costume, delicious sweets, and these Halloween safety tips!

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