Halloween Candy Alternatives

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The term “candy” by definition is “a sweet food made with sugar or syrup combined with fruit, chocolate, or nuts”. A piece of candy is made to be sweet and enjoyable by everyone. I’m the biggest advocate for all things chocolate, especially Reese’s Cups. There’s something about the perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter that puts a smile on my face every time I eat one.

Even though candy makes my day better and sweeter, there are reasons why some people avoid treats in their day to day lives. It might be due to allergies or consuming too much sugar. According to a study from 2008, 1.4% of the population has a peanut allergy. Although I don’t have an allergy to peanuts, I am lactose intolerant. I have to be extra aware of the chocolate I eat or else the milk will put me in a lot of stomach discomfort and digestive pain.

Candy can not only be the cause of allergic reactions, but it can also contribute to short and long term health problems, especially dental health. I’ve been in the dentist chair too many times for my liking. Although candy and sugar bring so much sweetness to my life; there’s nothing sweet about getting cavities filled.

Happy Halloween Cookies Ghost Design

Each year after trick-or-treating, my parents would take my pillow sack full of Halloween treats and go through every single piece of candy to check if it was rotten, expired, or not securely sealed. After getting rid of ¼ of the bag, they would then take away ½ of the remaining supply for their own candy consuming pleasure. How rude! Then being the greatest little sister, I’d share half of what candy I had left with my big brother. After trick-or-treating for hours, walking house to house to knock on hundreds of doors, all while carrying pounds of candy over my shoulder, I would be left with maybe a handful of Halloween candy to call my own.

While the tradition of Halloween is to give out candy, I see great benefits in handing out Halloween candy alternatives such as stickers, buttons, and keychains.

  • Spooky Stickers

Stand out from your neighbors and be the house with the cool “treats”. Halloween stickers can be used to decorate binders, laptops, phone cases, and more! Design your own spooky sticker or choose from our selection of fun, Halloween themed stickers. Personalize it so the trick-or-treaters know who it came from!

Happy Halloween Personalized Sticker Ghosts, Moon, Pumpkins

  • Blood-gushing Buttons

Once you eat your Halloween candy, it’s gone. Keep Halloween alive with fun, longer-lasting, non-food items like custom buttons. They will be able to wear it multiple times for many different occasions. I’ve always loved to put as many buttons as I could on my backpack to differentiate from my classmates. Design them with a favorite Halloween quote or choose from thousands of Halloween designs!

Happy Halloween Grim Reaper Button

  • Creepy, Crawly Keychains

As a kid, I didn’t have any keys. Every time I came across a keychain, I’d latch it to the zipper slider on my bag. This made it easier for me to open and close my backpack. I loved collecting keychains and latching them onto each other. Make Halloween last by handing out beautifully designed Halloween keychains.

Halloween Emoji Ghost Keychain

You don’t want to be the house known for handing out toothpaste or expired Halloween candy. Outdo your neighbors and give the kids long-lasting, unique treats without the sugar rush! Play it safe this Halloween with these easy candy alternative options!

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